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Combinations (album)
... Combinations is the second full length album by the band Eisley ... The first single for Combinations was "Invasion" ... video and a 30-minute The Making Of Combinations video piece ...
Logical Journey Of The Zoombinis - Gameplay - Features of The Zoombinis
... a choice of 2 bridges, each of which will allow Zoombinis to pass only if they have certain combinations of features such as 'red nose', but as the difficulty increases, the combinations will require more ... is as follows In total, the number of unique combinations is 625, and the player has to save 625 Zoombinis in total ... prefer, meaning that in a single game, not all Zoombini combinations have to be used ...
Suit Combination - Improved Computer Analysis
... Although optimum plays for suit combinations were traditionally derived by hand, the computational capabilities of modern computers has enabled greater detail and ... In reference to Roudinesco's Dictionary of Suit Combinations, bibliographers Bourke and Sugden note that it "has been superseded by computer programs, such as SuitPlay" - a program developed by Jeroen ... Supposedly optimum approaches to suit combinations were published in the Official Encyclopedia of Bridge, 5th edition, but automated analysis later demonstrated some to be incorrect and these were ...
Maths24 - Combinations
... the total possible number of four repeatable single-digit combinations, where order does not matter is 495, there are only 402 legally solvable possible combinations ... All 402 possible cards, in ascending order, with one possible solution are given below Number Combination Solution 1 ...

Famous quotes containing the word combinations:

    What is the structure of government that will best guard against the precipitate counsels and factious combinations for unjust purposes, without a sacrifice of the fundamental principle of republicanism?
    James Madison (1751–1836) women write differently from white women. This is the most marked difference of all those combinations of black and white, male and female. It’s not so much that women write differently from men, but that black women write differently from white women. Black men don’t write very differently from white men.
    Toni Morrison (b. 1931)

    The more elevated a culture, the richer its language. The number of words and their combinations depends directly on a sum of conceptions and ideas; without the latter there can be no understandings, no definitions, and, as a result, no reason to enrich a language.
    Anton Pavlovich Chekhov (1860–1904)