Combe Force

Combe Force, or Combeforce, was an ad hoc flying column formed by the British Army for a specific purpose during the latter stages of Operation Compass. Combe Force was formed to cut across the open desert of Cyrenaica and cut off the retreating Italian Army which was traveling along the coastal road, the Via Balbia. Combe Force was formed for this one purpose during the early stages of the North African Campaign in World War II.

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Michael O'Moore Creagh - Second World War - Beda Fomm
... bold decision to send a flying column - christened "Combe Force" - south-west across the virtually unmapped Libyan Desert ... Combe Force, under its namesake Lieutenant Colonel John Combe of the 11th Hussars, consisted of 11th Hussars, a squadron of King's Dragoon Guards, 2nd Battalion The Rifle Brigade, an RAF ... The force totalled about 2,000 men ...
John Frederick Boyce Combe - World War II - Combe Force - Back With Eighth Army
... After his escape Combe re-joined Eighth Army ... In October 1944 he was given command of 2nd Armoured Brigade (which position he held until after the German surrender) and had his substantive (permanent) rank advanced from lieutenant-colonel to colonel ...
11th Hussars - History - 19th and 20th Centuries - The Second World War
... launched, the 11th Hussars were part of the British covering force ... counterattack called Operation Compass that was launched against the Italian forces in Egypt and then Libya ... The unit was part of an ad hoc combat unit called "Combe Force" that cut off the retreating Tenth Army near Beda Fomm ...

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