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List Of Color Palettes
... This article is a list of the color palettes for notable computer graphics, terminals and video game console hardware ... Only a sample and the palette's name are given here ... More specific articles are linked from the name of each palette, for the test charts, samples, simulated images, and further technical details (including references) ...
Indexed Color - Disadvantages
... The main disadvantage of using indexed color is the limited set of simultaneous colors per image ... Small 4- or 16-color palettes are still acceptable for little images (icons) or very simple graphics, but to reproduce real life images they become nearly useless ... Some techniques, such as color quantization, anti-aliasing and dithering combined together can create indexed 256-color images comparable to the original up to ...
List Of 8-bit Computer Hardware Palettes
... This is a list of color palettes of some of the most popular early 8-bit personal computers and terminals, roughly those manufactured from 1975 to 1985 ... Although some of them use RGB palettes, are more common specific hardware-implemented 4, 16 or more color palettes not bit nor level combinations of RGB primaries, but fixed ROM/circuitry ... Also, the list does not include obscure palettes, such as those available only through special adjustment and/or CPU assisted techniques (flickering ...

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