Coffee Grounds

  • (noun): The dregs remaining after brewing coffee.

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Coffee Percolator - Improvements
... The method for making coffee in a percolator had changed very little since its introduction in the early part of the 20th century ... Foods Corporation introduced Max Pax, the first commercially available "ground coffee filter ringsā€ ... filters were named so as to complement General Foods' Maxwell House coffee brand ...
Beverly Hills Cop - Plot
... He finds coffee grounds in the warehouse and, after some intuitive undercover work, realizes that many of Maitland's boxes had not even gone through customs ... He mentions the coffee grounds that he had found as proof ... Bogomil, knowing that coffee grounds are often used to throw off drug-sniffing dogs, seems to believe Axel's story, but Police Chief Hubbard reprimands Bogomil for ...
Coffeemaker - Brewing Coffee Through The Ages - Percolators
... is forced through a metal tube into a brew basket containing coffee ... brewing cycle until the liquid passing repeatedly through the grounds is sufficiently steeped ... the lid of the percolator enables the user to judge when the coffee has reached the proper color and strength ...
Coffee Preparation - Extraction
... For more details on this topic, see Coffee extraction ... Proper brewing of coffee requires using the correct amount of coffee grounds, extracted to the correct degree (largely determined by the correct time), at the correct temperature ... More technically, coffee brewing consists of dissolving (solvation) soluble flavors from the coffee grounds in water ...
Coffee Preparation - Brewing - Filtration Methods
... Drip brew coffee, also known as filtered or American coffee, is made by letting hot water drip onto coffee grounds held in a coffee filter surrounded by a filter holder or brew basket ... they can use automated systems as found in the popular electric drip coffee-maker ... Strength varies according to the ratio of water to coffee and the fineness of the grind, but is typically weaker than espresso, though the final product contains more caffeine ...

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