Coat of Arms of The State of Vatican City

Coat Of Arms Of The State Of Vatican City

The coat of arms of the Holy See has existed, though in varying form, since the 15th century. In 1929, the State of Vatican City adopted a coat of arms as well. Papal emblems and insignia have been represented in different forms (the cross, the keys of Saint Peter, the tiara, the umbraculum, the effigies of Saint Peter and Saint Paul) since the late 13th century. In 1929, a standardised coat of arms began to be used on the flag of the newly created Vatican City State.

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Coat Of Arms Of The State Of Vatican City - Charges On The Escutcheon - The Tiara
... The popes no longer wear a tiara, but the papal tiara remains as a papal heraldic symbol ... A crown was added to the headgear of the Pope in 1130 to symbolize sovereignty over the Papal States ...

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