• (adj): Located on or near or bordering on a coast.
    Example: "Coastal marshes"; "coastal waters"; "the Atlantic coastal plain"
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List Of Italian Divisions In World War II - Coastal Divisions
... Italian 201 Coastal Division Italian 202 Coastal Division Italian 203 Coastal Division Italian 204 Coastal Division Italian 205 Coastal Division Italian 206 Coastal ...
History Of Alaska - Prehistory
... Alaskans are divided into several main groups the Southeastern Coastal Indians (the Tlingit, Haida, and Tsimshian), the Athabascans, the Aleut, and the two groups of Eskimos, the Inupiat and the Yup'ik ... The coastal migrants from Asia were probably the first wave of humans to cross the Bering Land Bridge in western Alaska, and many of them initially settled in the interior of ... numerous of this group, claiming most of the coastal Panhandle by the time of European contact and are the northernmost of the group of advanced cultures of the ...
HMS Äran
... HMS Äran (Swedish language "Honour") was a Swedish first class coastal defence ship (Pansarskepp) ... This type of ship is commonly known as a coastal defence battleship ... ran-class coastal defence ship Äran Wasa Tapperheten Manligheten List of coastal defence ships of the Royal Swedish Navy Coordinates 56°44′34″N 12°19′38″E / 56.74278°N 12.3 ...
CN Marine - Routes
... NL Port aux Basques, NL to Argentia, NL (coastal service) St ... Anthony, NL (coastal service) Lewisporte, NL to Goose Bay, NL (coastal service) St ... Anthony, NL to Nain, NL (coastal service) ...
Water Transport Infrastructure
... which support ship transport, fishing, coastal management or other marine activities ... Coastal geography Landforms Anchialine pool Avulsion Archipelago Atoll Ayre Barrier bar Barrier island Bay Baymouth bar Bight Brackish marsh Cape Channel Cliff Cliffed coast Cliff-top ... Raised beach Storm beach Shingle beach Wash margin Processes Blowhole Coastal erosion Concordant coastline Current Cuspate foreland Discordant coastline Emergent coastline ...

More definitions of "coastal":

  • (adj): Of or relating to a coast.
    Example: "Coastal erosion"