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Sketchbook (manga) - Characters - Art Club - Upperclassmen
... second-year student who is one of two males in the art club ... of their unique characteristics with other club members and with the audience ... In contrast to the other club members, Kamiya's artwork is featured frequently and is a major facet of her character ...
Darkon Wargaming Club - Club Administration - Noble Council
... The Noble Council is a governing body consisting of Club members who have earned the title of "Knight of the Realm" through Club service and high esteem of the Club members ... is this council's task to ensure that safety policies and practices are being performed by Club members at all times, and to discipline those who violate such ...
Lowrider Club - Membership
... The membership process for most lowrider clubs begins as a guest or "hang-around", wherein an individual is invited to some club events or meets club members at known gathering ... guest is interested, they may ask to become a member ... If accepted, they remain a prospective member, or prospect, for some minimum time period, participating in some club activities, but not having voting privileges, while they are evaluated for ...
Coachella Valley Radio Control Club - The Club Today
... The Coachella Valley Radio Control Club as a 501(c)(3) organization works closely with the area's school districts via its "Delta Dart" program which teaches young ... At the high school level, the club works with each school's ROTC program to promote careers in aviation and aeronautics and works closely with students who have ... the opening paragraph, the Coachella Valley Radio Control Club is also the site of the "Best In The West Jet Rally," a national meeting of model jet turbine enthusiasts which in ...

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    Two myths must be shattered: that of the evil stepparent . . . and the myth of instant love, which places unrealistic demands on all members of the blended family. . . . Between the two opposing myths lies reality. The recognition of reality is, I believe, the most important step toward the building of a successful second family.
    Claire Berman (20th century)

    In another year I’ll have enough money saved. Then I’m gonna go back to my hometown in Oregon and I’m gonna build a house for my mother and myself. And join the country club and take up golf. And I’ll meet the proper man with the proper position. And I’ll make a proper wife who can run a proper home and raise proper children. And I’ll be happy, because when you’re proper, you’re safe.
    Daniel Taradash (b. 1913)