The term clave may refer to

  • Clave (rhythm), a rhythmic pattern found in some Afro-Cuban Music
  • Claves, a percussion instrument
  • Clave (newspaper), a free weekly newspaper in Santo Domingo
  • Clavé, a village in France
  • Claves, fictional character in the 2007 XBOX360 and 2008 PlayStation 3 game Eternal Sonata

Other articles related to "clave":

Clave (rhythm) - In Non-Cuban Music - In African-American Music - R&B
... The use of clave in R B coincided with the growing dominance of the backbeat, and the rising popularity of Cuban music in the U.S ... In a sense, clave can be distilled down to tresillo (three-side) answered by the backbeat (two-side) ... such as Dave Bartholomew and Professor Longhair incorporated Cuban instruments, as well as the clave pattern and related two-celled figures in songs such as "Carnival Day," (Bartholomew 1949) and "Mardi Gras In ...
Afro-Cuban Jazz - Clave License
... More than a half century ago, Mario Bauzá developed arranging in-clave to a high art ... Another name for clave is guide-pattern, and that is certainly how Bauzá related to it ... of the highly educated, new generation of Cuban musicians reject the idea of 3-2/2-3 clave ...
Mozambique (music) - New York-style Mozambique
... Even the clave patterns are different Pello's rhythm uses rumba clave, while the Palmieri version uses son clave ... However, both groups primarily use chord progressions in a 2-3 clave sequence, and a trombone horn section ...
Machito - Notable Innovations - Going From One Side of Clave To The Other Within The Same Song
... Bauzá was a master at moving the song from one side of clave to the other ... Notice how the melody goes from one side of clave to the other and then back again ... Clap clave along with the excerpt in order to hear and feel the melody move from one side to the other ...
Tumbao - Conga Drum Pattern - Clave-aligned
... variant sounds a single open tone with the third stroke of clave (ponche), and two tones preceding the three-side of clave ... The specific alignment between clave and this tumbao is critical ... common variant uses two drums and sounds bombo (1a) on the tumba (3-side of the clave) ...