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Robert College - Campus - Child Study Center
... The Child Study Center on the Robert College campus has 40 students between 3–6 years of age, four bilingual teachers, and a director ... The center is a natural observation environment for students who are taking Psychology and Child Psychology classes ... college's website, "the educational program at the center is designed to develop self-confidence, self-esteem, self-competence, independence, initiative, creativity ...
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Anna Freud Centre - Activities - Research
... The Centre conducts research in collaboration with the Yale University Child Study Center and the Menninger Department of Psychiatry at Baylor College of ... University have been renewed through the recently established Anna Freud Centre/Yale Child Study Center Bridge Programme ... Psychiatry, the Anna Freud Centre and Yale Child Study Center form a developmental and clinical psychoanalytically-inspired research consortium ...
Harold E. Jones Child Study Center
... Jones Child Study Center is a research and educational institution for young children at the University of California, Berkeley ... It is one of the oldest continuously running centers for the study of children in the country ... The Jones Child Study Center has a special relationship with the Institute of Human Development as a site for research, training and outreach to the community, parents, and teachers ...

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    The greatest part of each day, each year, each lifetime is made up of small, seemingly insignificant moments. Those moments may be cooking dinner...relaxing on the porch with your own thoughts after the kids are in bed, playing catch with a child before dinner, speaking out against a distasteful joke, driving to the recycling center with a week’s newspapers. But they are not insignificant, especially when these moments are models for kids.
    Barbara Coloroso (20th century)

    Excessive attention, even if it’s negative, is such a powerful “reward” to a child that it actually reinforces the undesirable behavior. You need to learn restraint, to respond to far fewer situations, to ask yourself questions like, “Is this really important?” “Could I let this behavior go?” “What would happen if I just wait?” “Could I lose by doing nothing?”
    Stanley Turecki (20th century)

    Hence a young man is not a proper hearer of lectures on political science; for he is inexperienced in the actions that occur in life, but its discussions start from these and are about these; and, further, since he tends to follow his passions, his study will be vain and unprofitable, because the end aimed at is not knowledge but action.
    Aristotle (384–322 B.C.)