Charles Sanders Peirce Bibliography - Primary Literature - Articles By Peirce, Published in His Lifetime

Articles By Peirce, Published in His Lifetime

This list includes mainly published philosophical and logical works of some note. Papers by Peirce in many fields were published and he wrote over 300 reviews for The Nation. Sometimes an article below is shown after a special series, but was published during the series. Also note a complicating fact of Peirce scholarship, that Peirce sometimes made significant later corrections, modifications, and comments, for which one needs to consult such works as CP, W, EP, and the (online) Commens Dictionary of Peirce's Terms.

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Publishers of journals with multiple articles by Peirce (when not too varied in name or fact):

  • American Journal of Mathematics. Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins Press.
  • Popular Science Monthly. Before 1900, New York: D. Appleton & Company. 1901, New York and London: McClure, Philips and Company.
  • The Monist. Chicago: The Open Court Publishing Company, for the Hegeler Institute.
  • The Open Court. Chicago: The Open Court Publishing Company, for the Hegeler Institute.


  • (1863 January), "The Chemical Theory of Interpenetration", American Journal of Sciences and Arts, Second Series, v. XXXV (published May), No. CIII (January), New Haven: Editors, pp. 78–82. Reprinted (W 1:95–100). Article dated December 1862. Combines chemical and philosophical considerations. Peirce's first published professional paper, according to the bibliography by Burks in CP 8.
  • (1864 April), with Noyes, John Buttrick, "Shakespearian Pronunciation", North American Review v. 98, n. 203, Boston: Crosby & Nichols, pp. 342-369. Brent (1998) called it instrumental in Peirce's developing theory of signs. A review of works by George P. Marsh, Richard Grant White, and George L. Craik. Reprinted (W 1:117-143, for some reason with title in brackets, though the title appears in the N.A.R. table of contents and atop the article's pages). See CP 8 bibliography about the authorship of the unsigned article.
  • (1867), The Proceedings of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences (PAAAS) series. Peirce delivered these papers (the first three orally) in 1867 to the Academy, which published them in 1868; their date is usually given as 1867. Peirce got offprints of the first three bound together as Three Papers on Logic in 1867 and distributed them. PAAAS v. 7. Internet Archive Eprint.
    • (1867), "On an Improvement in Boole's Calculus of Logic", PAAAS 7, pp. 250–261. Presented March 12, 1867. Reprinted (CP 3.1–19), (W 2:12–23).
    • (1867), "On the Natural Classification of Arguments", PAAAS 7, pp. 261-287. Presented April 9, 1867. Reprinted (CP 2.461–516), (W 2:23–49).
    • (1867), "On a New List of Categories", PAAAS 7, pp. 287–298. Presented May 14, 1867. Reprinted (CP 1.545–559), (W 2:49–59, PEP Eprint), (EP 1:1–10), (PSWS 23–33). Arisbe Eprint. Peirce's seminal philosophical work.
    • (1867), "Upon the Logic of Mathematics", PAAAS 7, pp. 402–412. Presented September 10, 1867. Reprinted (CP 3.20–44), (W 2:59–69).
    • (1867), "Upon Logical Comprehension and Extension", PAAAS 7, pp. 416-432. Presented November 13, 1867. Reprinted (CP 2.391–426), (W 2:70–86, PEP Eprint).
  • (1867 July), Review of John Venn's The Logic of Chance, North American Review 105, Boston: Ticknor & Fields, pp. 317-21. Reprinted (CP 8.1–6), (W 2:98–203, PEP Eprint). Internet Archive Eprint.
  • (1868–1869), The Journal of Speculative Philosophy (JSP) series in v. II, St. Louis, Mo.: George Knapp & Co., printers and binders.
    • (1868), "Nominalism versus Realism", JSP v. II, n. 1, pp. 57-61. Reprinted (CP 6.619-624), (W 2:144-153, PEP Eprint).
    • (1868), "Questions concerning certain Faculties claimed for Man", JSP v. II, n. 2, pp. 103-114. Reprinted (CP 5.213-263 ), (SW 15–38), (W 2:193–211), (EP 2:11–27), (PSWS 34–53). Arisbe Eprint
    • (1868), "Some Consequences of Four Incapacities", JSP v. II, n. 3, pp. 140–157. Reprinted (CP 5.264–317), (PWP 228–250), (SW 39–72), (W 2:211–242), (EP 1:28–55), (PSWS 54–84). Arisbe Eprint. NB. Misprints in CP and Eprint copy.
    • (1868), "What is Meant by 'Determined'", JSP v. II, n. 3, pp. 190–191. Reprinted (CP 6.625–630), (W 2:155–157, PEP Eprint).
    • (1869), "Grounds of Validity of the Laws of Logic: Further Consequences of Four Incapacities", JSP v. II, n. 4, pp. 193-208. Reprinted (CP 5.318–357), (W 2:242–272, PEP Eprint), (EP 1:56–82).
  • (1869 March 18), "Professor Porter's Human Intellect", The Nation 8, 211-213. Reprinted (CN 1:23–39), (W 2:273–381, PEP Eprint).
  • (1869 November 25), "The English Doctrine of Ideas", The Nation 9, 461-462. Reprinted (CN 1:32–37), (W 2:302–309, PEP Eprint).
  • (1870), "Description of a Notation for the Logic of Relatives, Resulting from an Amplification of the Conceptions of Boole's Calculus of Logic", Memoirs of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences 9 (1870), 317–378. Also published separately as an extraction (title page) by Welch, Bigelow, and Company for Harvard University (1870). Reprinted (CP 3.45–149), (W 2:359–429).
  • (1870 April), Review of Henry James, Sr.'s The Secret of Swedenborg, North American Review 110, Boston: Fields, Osgood, & Co., pp. 463-468. Reprinted (W 2:433-438, PEP Eprint).
  • (1870/1873), "Appendix No. 21. On the Theory of Errors of Observation", Report of the Superintendent of the United States Coast Survey Showing the Progress of the Survey During the Year 1870, pp. 200–224. Coast Survey Report submitted February 18, 1871, published 1873 by the U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C. Reports 1837–1965. NOAA PDF Eprint (goes to 1870 Report's p. 200, PDF's p. 215). Reprinted (W 3:140-160).
  • (1871 October), Review of Fraser's The Works of George Berkeley, North American Review 113, Boston: James R. Osgood & Co., pp. 449-72. Reprinted (CP 8.7-38), (W2:462-486), (PSWS 116-140). PEP Eprint.
  • (1876/1879), "Appendix No. 14. Note on the Theory of the Economy of Research", Report of the Superintendent of the United States Coast Survey Showing the Progress of the Survey for Fiscal Year Ending with June 1876, pp. 197–201, Coast Survey Report submitted December 19, 1876, published 1879 by the U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C. NOAA PDF Eprint, goes to 1876 Report's p. 197, PDF's p. 222. Reports 1837–1965. Reprinted (CP 7.139–157) and in Operations Research v. 15, n. 4, July–August 1967, pp. 643–648, abstract at JSTOR, doi:10.1287/opre.15.4.643.
  • (1877/1879/1880), "Appendix No. 15. A Quincuncial Projection of the Sphere", Report of the Superintendent of the United States Coast Survey Showing the Progress of the Survey for Fiscal Year Ending with June 1877, pp. 191–194 followed by 25 progress sketches including (25th) the illustration (the map itself). Full Report submitted to the Senate December 26, 1877 and published 1880 (see further below; see also Peirce quincuncial projection). —Article first published December 1879, American Journal of Mathematics v. 2, n. 4, pp. 394–397 (without the sketches except final map), Google Books Eprint (Google version of map is partly botched), JSTOR Eprint, doi:10.2307/2369491. AJM version reprinted in W 4:68–71. —Article reprinted 1880 including publication of all sketches, in the full Report, by the U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C. NOAA PDF Eprint, link goes to Peirce's article on Report's p. 191, PDF's p. 215. NOAA's PDF lacks the sketches and map and includes broken link to their planned online location, NOAA's Historical Map and Chart Collection, where they do not seem to be as of 7/19/2010. Google Books Eprint (Google botched the sketches and partly botched the illustration (the map itself).) Note: Other Google edition of 1877 Coast Survey Report completely omits the pages of sketches including the illustration (the map).
  • (1877–1878), "Illustrations of the Logic of Science" (series), Popular Science Monthly, vols. 12–13:
    • (1877 November), "The Fixation of Belief", Popular Science Monthly, v. 12, pp. 1–15. Reprinted (CLL 7–31), (CP 5.358–387), (PWP 5–22), (SW 91–112), (W 3:242–257), (EP 1:109–123), (PSWS 144–159). Eprint. Internet Archive Eprint.
    • (1878 January), "How to Make Our Ideas Clear", Popular Science Monthly, v. 12, pp. 286–302. Reprinted (CLL 32–60), (CP 5.388–410), (PWP 23–41), (SW 113–136), (W 3:257–276), (EP 1:124–141), (PSWS 160–179). Arisbe Eprint. Internet Archive Eprint.
    • (1878 March), "The Doctrine of Chances", Popular Science Monthly, v. 12, March issue, pp. 604–615. Reprinted (CLL 61-81), (CP 2.645-668), (W 3:276-290), (EP 1:142-154). Internet Archive Eprint. Selections plus CP 2.661-668 and CP 2.758, published as "The Doctrine of Chances With Later Reflections", PWP 157-173.
    • (1878 April), "The Probability of Induction", Popular Science Monthly, v. 12, pp. 705–718. Reprinted (CLL 82-105), (CP 2.669-693), (PWP 174-189), (EP 1:155-169). Internet Archive Eprint.
    • (1878 June), "The Order of Nature", Popular Science Monthly, v. 13, pp. 203–217. Reprinted (CLL 106-130), (CP 6.395-427), (EP 1:170-185). Internet Archive Eprint.
    • (1878 August), "Deduction, Induction, and Hypothesis", Popular Science Monthly, v. 13, pp. 470–482. Reprinted (CLL 131-156), (CP 2.619-644), (EP 1:186-199). Internet Archive Eprint.
  • (1880), "On the Algebra of Logic", American Journal of Mathematics v. 3, pp. 15-57. Reprinted (W 4:163-208).
  • (1881), "On the Logic of Number", American Journal of Mathematics v. 4, pp. 85-95. Reprinted (CP 3.252-288), (W 4:299-309).
  • (1881), "On the Relative Forms of the Algebras", Addendum II in Peirce, Benjamin, "Linear Associative Algebra", American Journal of Mathematics v. 4, pp. 221-226, republished 1882 as Linear Associative Algebra with the addenda and notes by C. S. Peirce (title page) D. Van Nostrand, New York, 133 pages, pp. 125-129.
  • (1881), "On the Algebras in which Division is Unambiguous", Addendum III in Peirce, Benjamin, "Linear Associative Algebra", American Journal of Mathematics v. 4, pp. 226-229, republished 1882 as Linear Associative Algebra with the addenda and notes by C. S. Peirce, D. Van Nostrand, New York, 133 pages, pp. 129-133.
  • (1882), "Introductory Lecture on the Study of Logic", Johns Hopkins University Circulars 2:19, November, pp. 11-12. Reprinted (W 4:378-382). Internet Archive Eprint.
  • (1883), "A Theory of Probable Inference", Studies in Logic, Boston: Little, Brown, and Company, pp. 126-181. Reprinted (CP 2.694-754),(W 4:408-453).
    • "Note A", pp. 182-186 (Revised version in CP 2.517-531).
    • "Note B" pp. 187-203. Reprinted (CP 3.328-358), (W4:453-466).
  • and Jastrow, Joseph (1884), "On Small Differences in Sensation", Memoirs of the National Academy of Sciences (1884/1885), 3, 73-83, Presented 17 October 1884. Eprint. Reprinted (with corrections and later reflections, CP 7.21-35).
  • (1884/1885), "On the Algebra of Logic: A Contribution to the Philosophy of Notation", two parts, first part published 1885 in American Journal of Mathematics v. 7, pp. 180–202. Presented at least in part, National Academy of Sciences, Newport, RI, 14–17 Oct 1884. 1885 is the date usually given for this work. Reprinted (CP 3.359–403), (W 5:162–190), (EP 1:225–228, in part).
  • (1885/1886), given January 24, 1885, Miscellaneous Documents of the Senate of the U. S. 82, 1886. Printed in Testimony before the Joint Commission to Consider the Present Organization of the Signal Service, Geological Surevy, Coast and Geodetic Survey, and the Hydrographic Office of the Navy Department...(etc.), Washington Government Printing Office, 1886, pp. 370–378 (49th Congress, 1st Session, Senate, Mis. Doc. No. 82). Reprinted (W 5:149–161).
  • (1886 February 11), "Dr. F.E. Abbot's Philosophy" (review of Francis Ellingwood Abbot's Organic Scientific Philosophy: Scientific Theism), The Nation v. 42, n. 1076, New York: The Evening Post Publishing Company, pp. 135-136, reprinted (CN 1:71–74), (W 5:285-289). Arisbe Eprint.
  • (1887 December), in Proceedings of the American Society for Psychical Research, v. I, Boston: Damrell and Upham,
    • "Criticism on Phantasms of the Living: An Examination of an Argument of Messrs. Gurney, Myers, and Podmore", n. 3, pp. 150-157. Reprinted (W 6:74–81). Followed by a response by Gurney, Edmund, "Remarks on Professor Peirce's Paper", pp. 157-179.
    • "Mr. Peirce’s Rejoinder", still in n. 3, pp. 180-215. Reprinted (W 6, pp. 101–141). Followed (1889 March) by a response by Gurney, Edmund, "Remarks on Mr. Peirce's Rejoinder", n. 4, pp. 286-300, followed by W. H. Myers, Frederic, "Postscript to Professor Gurney's Reply to Mr. Peirce", pp. 300-301.
  • (1887), first published in a Symposium in the Christian Register, Boston, April 7, 1887, reprinted with revisions as "Contribution XX" in Science and Immortality: The Christian Register Symposium, Revised and Enlarged, Samuel J. Barrows, ed., Boston: Geo. H. Ellis, pp. 69–76, which was reprinted as "Science and Immortality" (CP 6.548–556). See CP 8 bibliography. Max Fisch said (1986, p. 229) that it includes Peirce's first argument in print against necessitarianism.
  • (1887 November), "Logical Machines", The American Journal of Psychology v. 1, n. 1, Baltimore: N. Murray, pp. 165-170.
  • (1891 November 12), "Abbot against Royce" (letter), The Nation v. 53, n. 1376, New York: The Evening Post Publishing Company, p. 372. Reprinted (CN 1:115-117), (W 8:436-348). —Peirce wrote the above in support of Abbot, Francis E. (1891), Professor Royce's libel, public letter dated October 1, 1891 published as book, Boston: G. H. Ellis, Internet Archive Eprint, which Abbot wrote in response to Royce, Josiah (1890 October), "Dr. Abbot's 'Way Out of Agnosticism", International Journal of Ethics v. 1, n. 1, Philadelphia: International Journal of Ethics and London: T. Fisher Unwin, pp. 98-113. —Responses to Peirce's letter: one by James, William (1891 November 19), "Abbot against Royce" (dated November 15, 1891), The Nation, v. 53, n. 1377, pp. 387-388, reprinted (CN 1:118-120), and one by Warner, Joseph Bangs (1891 November 26), "The Suppression of Dr. Abbot's Reply" (dated November 20, 1891), The Nation v. 53, n. 1378, p. 408, reprinted (CN 1:120-122). In response to Warner: Abbot, Francis E. (1891 December 3), "Mr. Warner's 'Evidence in Full' Completed" (dated November 28, 1891), The Nation v. 53, n. 1379, p. 426, reprinted (CN 1:125-127).
  • (1891–1893), The Monist Metaphysical Series, in The Monist v. I, v. II, and v. III.
    • (1891), "The Architecture of Theories", The Monist, v. I, n. 2, January, pp. 161-176. Internet Archive Eprint. Reprinted (CLL 157-178), (CP 6.7-34), (PWP 315-323), (SW 142-159), (EP 1:285-297), (LI 58-69), (W 8:199-211).
    • (1892 April) "The Doctrine of Necessity Examined", The Monist, v. II, n. 3, pp. 321-337. Internet Archive Eprint. Reprinted (CP 6.35-65), (PWP 324-338), (EP 1:298-311), (LI 70-81), (W 8:212-226). Followed in July by a response by the editor Carus, Paul, "Mr. Charles S. Peirce's Onslaught on the Doctrine of Necessity" v. II, n. 4, pp. 560–582. Internet Archive Eprint.
    • (1892 July) "The Law of Mind", The Monist, v. II, n. 4, pp. 533-559. Internet Archive Eprint. Reprinted (CLL 202-237), (CP 6:102-163), (PWP 339-360), (EP 1:312-333), (LI 82-101), (W 8:264-258). Criticized by George M. McCrie in "The Issues of 'Synechism' ", The Monist v. III, n. 3, 1903 April, pp. 380-401.
    • (1892 October), "Man's Glassy Essence", The Monist, v. III, n. 1, pp. 1-22. Internet Archive Eprint. Reprinted (CLL 238-266), (CP 6.238-271), (EP 1:334-351), (PSWS 212-230), (LI 102-116), (W 8:266-284), (in part, and with long introductory note by editor, PMSW 141-153).
    • (1893 January), "Evolutionary Love", The Monist, v. III, n. 2, pp. 176-200. Internet Archive Eprint. Reprinted (CLL 267-300), (CP 6.287-317), (PWP 361-374), (EP 1:352-372), (LI 117-135), (W 8:285-307). Arisbe Eprint.
    • (1893 July), "Reply to the Necessitarians", The Monist, v. III, n. 4, pp. 526-570. Internet Archive Eprint. Reprinted (CP 6.588-618), (LI 136-169). Followed in same issue by a response by Carus, Paul, "The Founder of Tychism, His Methods, Philosophy, and Criticisms: In Reply to Mr. Charles S. Peirce", pp. 571–622, Internet Archive Eprint.
  • (1892–1893), The Open Court series.
    • (1892 September 8), "Pythagorics", The Open Court, v. VI—36, n. 263, pp. 3375–3377. Reprinted (HP 1:557-562). Internet Archive Eprint. Arisbe HTML Eprint. Arisbe Word-doc Eprint.
    • (1892 September 22), "The Critic of Arguments. I. Exact Thinking", The Open Court, v. VI—38, n. 265, pp. 3391–3394. Internet Archive Eprint. Reprinted CP 3.404-415.
    • (1892 September 29), "Dmesis", The Open Court, v. VI—39, n. 266, 3399–3402. Internet Archive Eprint. Arisbe Eprint. Peirce's "modestly suggested" treatment of criminals: in the Christian spirit, transform all prisons into lavish rehabilitation facilities full of kindness and cultural resources, but, since rehabilitation of habitual criminals is a cause with little hope, make their confinement generally permanent.
    • (1892 October 13), "The Critic of Arguments. II. The Reader is Introduced to Relatives", The Open Court, v. VI—41, n. 268, pp. 3415–3418. Internet Archive Eprint. Reprinted (CP 3.415-424).
    • (1893 February 16), "The Marriage of Religion and Science", The Open Court, v. VII—7, n. 286, pp. 3559–3560. Internet Archive Eprint. Reprinted (CP6.428-434).
    • (1893 July 27), "What Is Christian Faith?", The Open Court, v. VII—30, n. 309, pp. 3743–3745. Internet Archive Eprint. Reprinted (CP 7.435-448).
  • (1896 October), "The Regenerated Logic", The Monist, v. VII, n. 1, pp. 19-40. Internet Archive Eprint. Reprinted (CP 3.425-455), (LI 170-185), (in part, PMSW 11-14).
  • (1897 January), "The Logic of Relatives", The Monist, v. VII, n. 2 pp. 161-217. Internet Archive Eprint. Reprinted (CP 3.456-552), (LI 186-229).
  • (1898 March), "The Logic of Mathematics in Relation to Education" in Educational Review v. XV, March issue, New York: Henry Holt and Company, pp. 209–216. Internet Archive Eprint. Reprinted (CP 3.553-562), (PMSW 15-21).
  • (1901 January 12), "The Century's Great Men in Science", The New York Evening Post. Reprinted 1901 in The 19th Century: A Review of Progress during the Past One Hundred Years in the Chief Departments of Human Activity, New York and London: G. P. Putnam's Sons: the Knickerbocker Press, 494 pages, pp. 312-322. Reprinted in SW.
  • (1901 January), "Pearson's Grammar of Science", Popular Science Monthly v. 58, n. 3, pp. 296-306. Reprinted (CP 8.132-156), (EP 2:57–66).
  • (1905 April), "What Pragmatism Is", The Monist, v. XV, n. 2, pp. 161–181. Reprinted (CP 5.411–437), (SW 180–202), (LI 230–244). Internet Archive Eprint. Arisbe Eprint.
  • (1905 October), "Issues of Pragmaticism", The Monist, v. XV, n. 4, pp. 481-499 (this and another Google copy botch two pages). Internet Archive Eprint. Reprinted (CP 5.438-463), (SW 203-226), (LI 245-258).
  • (1906, 1910), "Peirce, C(harles) S", American Men of Science, p. 248. Information supplied by Peirce on his degrees and his fields of research, possibly first written in 1903 (cf. Robin Catalog MS 1611). Second Edition (sometimes called Volume 2) 1910, p. 364, "Peirce, C(harles) S(antiago Sanders"), with a few variations in the text; this is the version quoted by Ketner in 1995 and 2009.
  • (1906 January), "Mr. Peterson's Proposed Discussion", The Monist, v. XVI, n. 1, pp. 147-151. Reprinted (CP 5.610-614), (LI 287-290). Correction published in v. XVI n. 2, p. 320 ("...on page 149, line 25, the last word should read "definitive" instead of 'definite.' ")
  • (1906 October), "Prolegomena To an Apology For Pragmaticism", The Monist, v. XVI, n. 4, pp. 492-546; some corrections in The Monist v. XVII, n. 1, 1907 January, p. 160. Reprinted (CP 4.530-572), (PSWP 249-252), (LI 307-342), (in part, PMSW 79-83). Eprint.
  • (1908), "A Neglected Argument for the Reality of God", published in part, Hibbert Journal v. 7, pp. 90–112, Internet Archive Eprint. Reprinted including unpublished part (CP 6.452-485), (SW 358-379), (EP 2:434-450), (PSWS 260-278), Eprint.
  • (1908 April), "Some Amazing Mazes", The Monist, v. XVIII, n. 2, pp. 227-241. Internet Archive Eprint. Reprinted (CP 4.585-593), (LI 394-403). Monist editor Paul Carus asked Francis C. Russell to write a "popular digest" of Peirce's article, so Russell wrote "Hints for the Elucidation of Mr. Peirce's Logical Work", The Monist v. XVIII, n. 3, 1908 July, pp. 406-415.
  • (1908 April), "A Letter from Mr. Peirce", The Open Court, v. XXII, n. 5, May, p. 319, in response to "Problems of Modern Theology" in v. XXII, n. 4, pp. 234-246 by Paul Carus (The Open Court's editor).
  • (1908 July), "Some Amazing Mazes (Conclusion), Explanation of Curiosity the First", The Monist, v. XVIII, n. 3, pp. 416-464. Internet Archive Eprint. Reprinted (CP 4.594-642), (LI 404-445) (the "Note" and the "Addition", PMSW 211-219).
  • (1909 January), "Some Amazing Mazes, A Second Curiosity", The Monist, v. XIX, n. 1, pp. 36-45. Internet Archive Eprint. Reprinted (CP 4.643-646), (LI 446-451).
  • (1910 January), in The Monist, v. XX, n. 1,
    • Passage, from letter to Francis C. Russell, and quoted on p. 45 in Carus, Paul, "On the Nature of Logical and Mathematical Thought", pp. 33–75. Internet Archive p. 45.
    • Added explanatory note (about passage from letter to Francis C. Russell), quoted on pp. 158-159 in Carus, Paul, "Non-Aristotelian Logic", pp. 158–159. Internet Archive Eprint.

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