Chancellor (Latin: cancellarius) is the title of various official positions in the governments of many nations. The original chancellors were the Cancellarii of Roman courts of justice—ushers who sat at the cancelli or lattice work screens of a basilica or law court, which separated the judge and counsel from the audience. A chancellor's office is called a chancellery or chancery. The word is now used in the titles of many various officers in all kinds of settings (government, education, religion etc.). Nowadays the term is most often used to describe:

  • the head of the government
  • a person in charge of foreign affairs
  • a person with duties related to justice
  • a person in charge of financial and economic matters
  • the head of a university

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Bob Boucher
... – 25 March 2009), usually known as Bob Boucher, was a British academic, and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Sheffield from 2001 to 2007 ... of Mechanical Engineering and Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research at Sheffield ... and then he was Vice-Chancellor and Principal of UMIST from 1995-2000 ...
Lord Chancellor's Department
... The Lord Chancellor's Department was a United Kingdom government department answerable to the Lord Chancellor with jurisdiction over England and Wales ... Created in 1885 as the Lord Chancellor's Office with a small staff to assist the Lord Chancellor in his day-to-day duties, the department grew in power over the course of the 20th ...
Kwame Nkrumah University Of Science And Technology - Organization and Administration - Principal Officers
... as set out in the Statutes are the Chancellor, Chairman of the University Council and Vice-Chancellor ... As of 2011, the position of Chancellor was held by the Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II ...
Chancellor - Historical Uses
... The Chancellor of China was the second highest rank after the Emperor of China ... Egyptian titles sometimes translated as chancellor ... The other title translated as chancellor is "Keeper of the Royal Seal" (or overseer of the seal or treasurer—imy-r xtmt) ...
2011 In Germany - Chancellor
... The Chancellor of Germany was named her the fourth most powerful person in the world in 2011 ... A poll in August 2011 found the Chancellor's coalition with 36% support ...

Famous quotes containing the word chancellor:

    No woman in my time will be Prime Minister or Chancellor or Foreign Secretary—not the top jobs. Anyway I wouldn’t want to be Prime Minister. You have to give yourself 100%.
    Margaret Thatcher (b. 1925)