CDOS may refer to:

  • Cromemco DOS (CDOS), an CP/M-like operating system
  • Concurrent DOS (CDOS), a Digital Research operating system based on Concurrent CP/M-86
  • Collateralized debt obligation (CDOs), a type of structured asset-backed security

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Collateralized Debt Obligation - Taxation of CDOs
... CDOs are bonds issued by special purpose vehicles that are backed by pools of bonds, loans or other debt instruments ... CDOs are typically issued in classes or “tranches” with some being senior to others in the event of a shortfall in the cash available to make payments on the bonds ... The issuer of a CDO typically is a corporation established outside the United States to avoid being subject to U.S ...
Synthetic CDO - Definition
... A synthetic CDO is typically negotiated between two or more counterparties that have different viewpoints about what will ultimately happen with respect to the underlying reference securities ... In technical terms, the synthetic CDO is a form of collateralized debt obligation (CDO) in which the underlying credit exposures are taken on using a ... Synthetic CDOs can either be single tranche CDOs or fully distributed CDOs ...
Secondary Mortgage Market
... These securities are collateralized debt obligations (CDOs), also known as mortgage-backed securities (MBS) ... The CMOs are sometimes further grouped in other CDOs ... Mortgage delinquencies, defaults, and decreased real estate values can make these CDOs difficult to evaluate ...
Subprime Crisis Impact Timeline - 2006
... gets scared and stops selling credit protection against CDOs ... team, because they made a presentation outlining the risks of the mortgage CDO market ... Middle Merrill Lynch CDO sales department has trouble selling the super senior tranche of its CDOs ...