Cardiac Output

Cardiac output (Q or or CO ) is the volume of blood being pumped by the heart, in particular by a left or right ventricle in the time interval of one minute. CO may be measured in many ways, for example dm3/min (1 dm3 equals 1000 cm3 or 1 litre). Q is furthermore the combined sum of output from the right ventricle and the output from the left ventricle during the phase of systole of the heart. An average resting cardiac output would be 5.6 L/min for a human male and 4.9 L/min for a female.

Q = Stroke Volume × Heart rate

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... must immediately respond to changes in cardiac output, blood flow, and blood pressure ... Cardiac output is defined as the product of heart rate and stroke volume which represents the volume of blood being pumped by the heart each minute ... Cardiac output increases during physical activity due to an increase in both the heart rate and stroke volume ...
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... Guyton is most famous for his experiments in the 1950s which studied the physiology of cardiac output and its relationship with the peripheral circulation (see e.g ... that it was the heart itself that controlled cardiac output ... demonstrated that it was the need of the body tissues for oxygen which was the real regulator of cardiac output ...
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... Cardiac output, the amount of blood that leaves the heart in a given time period (i.e ... larger left ventricle, the heart rate can decrease and still maintain a level of cardiac output necessary for the body ... involve the thickening of the left ventricular wall due to increased cardiac output, which leads to physiologic hypertrophy of the heart ...
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55–100 mL ejection fraction (Ef) 58% 55–70% heart rate (HR) 75 bpm 60–100 bpm cardiac output (CO) 5.25 L/minute 4.0–8.0 L/min ...

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