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Isotopic Labeling - Stable Isotope Labeling - Isotope Labeling Measuring Techniques
... Using this method, each single protonated carbon position inside a particular metabolite pool can be observed separately from the other positions ... The limit to proton NMR is that if there are n carbon atoms in a metabolite, there can only be at most n different positional enrichment values, which is only a small fraction of the total ... A labeled carbon atom will produce different hyperfine splitting signals depending on the labeling state of its direct neighbors in the molecule ...
... Cycloundecane is a saturated cyclic organic compound with eleven carbon atoms forming a ring ... It is classed as an alkane because it has only carbon and hydrogen and these elements are configured with C-H and C-C such that there is a chain of carbon atoms with hydrogens attached to them ... For each of the carbon atoms in the chain there is a pair of hydrogen atoms such that the chemical formula is C11H22 ...
Benzen - Structure
... X-ray diffraction shows that all of six carbon-carbon bonds in benzene are of the same length of 140 picometres (pm) ... C–C bonding are distributed equally between each of the six carbon atoms ... Benzene has 8 hydrogen atoms fewer than the corresponding parent alkane, hexane ...
Alpinia Nutans - Chemistry
... contains some fatty acids with an odd number of carbon atoms, which are less common in nature than fatty acids with even numbers of carbon atoms ... Among the fatty acids containing even number of carbon atoms, the main constituents are linolenic acid (C-183, 27.4%) and arachidic acid (C-20, 22.4%) ...
Catalytic Reforming - Chemistry - Typical Naphtha Feedstocks
... ranging from those containing 4 carbon atoms to those containing about 10 or 11 carbon atoms ... a "light" naphtha containing most (but not all) of the hydrocarbons with 6 or fewer carbon atoms and a "heavy" naphtha containing most (but not all) of the hydrocarbons with more than 6 carbon atoms ... catalytic reformer because the light naphtha has molecules with 6 or fewer carbon atoms which, when reformed, tend to crack into butane and lower molecular weight hydrocarbons which are not useful as high-octane ...

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