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Navy Reserve Merchant Marine Insignia - History
... It replaced the miniature cap device ... Navy officer's cap device which was first authorized in 1869 ... Following the design of the cap device, the original merchant marine insignia had the eagle looking to its own left ...
Sergeant Major Of The Army - Insignia
... Originally, the SMA would wear the device on each collar, but he now wears the standard "U.S." disk on his right collar as do all enlisted soldiers ... is also worn in place of a unit insignia on the SMA's beret, garrison cap, and pull-over sweater ... The SMA's cap device, worn on the front of the blue service cap (and, formerly, the white service cap and, until 2011 the green service cap) is a gold-colored rendering of the United ...
Chip Authentication Program - Protocol Details
... In all three modes, the CAP reader asks the EMV card to output a data packet that confirms the cancellation of a fictitious EMV payment transaction, which involves the details entered by the user ... It provided the CAP designers a way to create strong cryptographic evidence that a PIN-activated EMV card is present and has seen some given input data, without having to add any new software ... counter that is incremented with each payment or CAP transaction ...
Peaked Cap - United States - United States Coast Guard
... The United States Coast Guard wears the combination cap, known as the combo cover, with the Service Dress Blue uniform (SDBs), the Tropical Blue Long uniform (Trops), and with all other formal dress uniforms ... The blue band around the cap includes blue fabric extending upward on the front of the crown to serve as a backing behind the device ... case of enlisted personnel, this extension is a blue circle identical to that on the caps of Naval officers and chief petty officers ...

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    In time your relatives will come to accept the idea that a career is as important to you as your family. Of course, in time the polar ice cap will melt.
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