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Claud Cockburn

Francis Claud Cockburn of Brook Lodge, Youghal, County Cork, Munster, Ireland ( /ˈkoʊbərn/ KOH-bərn; 12 April 1904 – 15 December 1981) was a British journalist. He was a well known proponent of communism. His saying, "believe nothing until it has been officially denied" is widely quoted in journalistic studies. He was the second cousin, once removed, of novelists Alec Waugh and Evelyn Waugh.

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Claud Cockburn - Family
... Claud Cockburn married three times all three of his wives were also journalists. 1 to Hope Hale Davis with whom he fathered Claudia Cockburn Flanders (wife of Michael Flanders) 2 to Jean Ross (part model for Christopher Isherwood's ...

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    One good reason for the popularity of “reductionism” among the philosophical outposts of the Western Establishment is that it can be, and is, used as a device for trying to take the wind, so to speak, out of the sails of Marxism.... In essence reductionism is a kind of anti-Marxist caricature of Marxist determinism. It is what anti-Marxists pretend that Marxist determinism is.
    Claud Cockburn (1904–1981)

    A childish soul not inoculated with compulsory prayer is a soul open to any religious infection.
    —Alexander Cockburn (b. 1941)