Cam Lobe

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Variable Valve Timing - Types - Purely Mechanical - Three-Dimensional Cam Lobe
... This system consists of a cam lobe that is somewhat elongated axially and has at one end a short duration/reduced lift profile, and at the other end a longer ... By shifting the cam lobe axially a stationary follower is exposed to a varying lobe profile to produce different amounts of lift and duration ... The varying profile, by its very nature, means that the lobe flanks of the cam lobe are not parallel to the axis of rotation of the camshaft ...
Variable Valve Timing - Types - Purely Mechanical - Oscillating Cam
... Nissan VVEL and Toyota Valvematic all belong to the “oscillating cam” class of mechanism ... This involves a conventional cam lobe (Valvetronic and Valvematic) or eccentric and connecting rod (VVEL) to generate an oscillating or rocking motion in a part cam lobe which ... The part cam lobe consists of a section of base circle and a section of lobe flank ...

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