Calcium Channels

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... Cilnidipine (INN) is a calcium channel blocker ... is a dual blocker of L-type voltage-gated calcium channels in vascular smooth muscle and N-type calcium channels in sympathetic nerve terminals that supply ... Clinidipine is the novel calcium antagonist accompanied with L-type and N-type calcium channel blocking function ...
Sepan - Pharmacodynamics
... as a selective antagonist of T-type voltage-operated calcium ion channels, because its binding blocks the channels and keeps them inert ... drug preferentially binds to its target calcium channels when they are in an open, as opposed to closed conformation ... sickness it was previously hypothesized that cinnarizine exerts its effects by inhibiting the calcium currents in voltage gated channels in type II vestibular hair cells within the inner ear ...
Contractions, By Muscle Type - Skeletal Muscle Contractions
... The action potential propagates by activating voltage-gated sodium channels along the axon toward the neuromuscular junction ... When it reaches the junction, it causes a calcium ion influx through voltage-gated calcium channels ... Activation of the nicotinic receptor opens its intrinsic sodium/potassium channel, causing sodium to rush in and potassium to trickle out ...

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