Cai can refer to:

  • Cai (surname), a common Chinese surname
  • Cai (state), a state in ancient China
  • Caí River, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
  • Cái River, Vietnam
  • Sir Kay, a character in Arthurian legend, spelt Cai in Welsh
  • A green, leafy Chinese vegetable (Cant. "choy")

CAI is a three-letter acronym that can refer to:

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Chinese Spiritual World Concepts - Finance
... "Zheng cai" ("Jing coi" in Cantonese) (正財) - This is basic money earned from working or jobs ... "Huag cai" ("Waang coi" in Cantonese) (橫財) - Is a type of destiny money that is earned usually in large sums ... "Po cai dand zai" ("Po coi dong zoi" in Cantonese) (破財擋災) - Is the process of losing a lot of money to avoid a disaster ...
Cai Hesen
... Cai Hesen (Chinese 蔡和森 pinyin Cài Hésēn) (March 30, 1895 - August 4, 1931) was an early leader of the Chinese Communist Party, and a friend and comrade-in-arms of Mao Zedong ... Cai was originally from Shuangfeng County in Hunan Province ...
Cai Hesen - His Family
... Cai Hesen's father was Cai Rongfeng(蔡蓉峰), and his mother was Ge Jianhao ... and he had a younger sister who was Cai Chang ... In particular, Cai Chang became the wife of Li Fuchun(李富春) ...
Marquis Gong Of Cai
... Marquis Gong of Cai can refer to 蔡宮侯 (? - ?), see Marquis Gōng of Cai 蔡共侯 (761 BC - 760 BC), see Marquis Gòng of Cai ...