Burmese may refer to:

  • Something of, from, or related to Burma, a country in Southeast Asia. See:
    • Demographics of Burma
    • Culture of Burma
    • Category:Burmese people
  • Burmese language
  • Burmese cuisine

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Burmese - Other
... Burmese Python Burmese (cat) Burmese Pony, a breed of horse Burmese (horse), a horse given to Queen Elizabeth II Burmese script ...
Tha Byu
... Ko Tha Byu (Burmese သာဖြူ, c ... After being sold as a slave to a Christian Burmese, he was converted to Baptist Christianity by Adoniram Judson in 1828 ... "Ko" means "older brother" in Burmese he was called "Maung Tha Byu" ("younger brother") by Judson when they first met ...
The Botataung
... The Botataung (Burmese ဗိုလ်တထောင် သတင်းစာ ) was a national Burmese language daily newspaper based out of Yangon in Myanmar ... The paper became one of four Burmese language dailies allowed to publish in the 1970s and 1980s although there was little differentiation among the ...
... Lahpet, also spelt laphet (Burmese လက်ဖက် MLCTS lak hpak, is Burmese for fermented or pickled tea ... only regarded as the national delicacy but plays a significant role in Burmese society ...
Myint Thein
... Myint Thein (Burmese မြင့်သိန်း, 8 October 1947 – 28 March 2008) was a Burmese pro-democracy activist and spokesman for the National ... During that same year, thousands of Burmese civilians were killed by the military during a pro-democracy uprising against the government ... State's National League for Democracy following the Burmese general election of 1990 in which Aung San Suu Kyi's NLD took the majority of the seats in the Burmese ...