Bor may refer to:

  • Matej Bor, the pen name of the Slovene poet Vladimir Pavšič (1913 - 1993)
  • Bor (or Bowr), a location in Afghanistan
  • Bor (Tachov District), a town in Plzeň Region (Tachov District), Czech Republic
  • Bor, name of several villages in the Czech Republic
  • Bor rifle, Polish sniper rifle
  • Bor, Russia, name of several inhabited localities in Russia
  • Bor, Catalonia, a village in Cerdanya (comarca), Catalonia, Spain
  • Bor, Serbia, a town in Serbia
    • Bor Municipality
    • Bor District
  • Bor County, in South Sudan
  • Bor, South Sudan, a city in South Sudan
  • Bor, Sweden, a village in Sweden
  • Bor, Niğde, a district center of Niğde Province in Turkey
  • Borr, a god in Norse mythology
  • BoR, a bill of rights
    • United States Bill of Rights
  • Bor fruit, more commanly known as Ber

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