Bolt Carrier

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Heckler & Koch HK21 - Design Details
... designed to retard the rearward movement of the bolt ... artificially increasing the inertia of the bolt by using an angular, interposed transmission system, installed symmetrically to the bore axis, with two cylindrical rollers acting as ... The two-piece bolt assembly consists of a bolt head, which contains the aforementioned rollers, and a supporting locking piece and bolt carrier ...
Heckler & Koch HK33 - Design Details - Operating Mechanism
... It employs a two-piece bolt consisting of a bolt head with a pair of rollers and bolt carrier ... Upon firing, the two cylindrical rollers in the bolt head are cammed inward by inclined surfaces of the barrel extension and impart a rearward motion on the locking piece, which also propels the bolt ... This built-in mechanical disadvantage delays the movement of the bolt head relative to the bolt carrier which is withdrawing at four times the velocity ...
Colt AR-15 - Variants
... an unlocked breech, or straight blow-back—rather than a locked breech, because the spring and bolt provide enough weight to allow this type of functioning ... These guns usually have modified bolt carriers, gas keys, and gas blocks ... hot gas through the gas tube to the bolt carrier key and into the bolt carrier group ...
SIG MKMS - Delayed Blowback Action
... Remington Model 51 only with a locking recess above rather than below the bolt ... The longer barrel of the MKMS required either a bolt of greater mass or a locking system ... When the cartridge is fired, the breech block and bolt carrier move together a short distance rearward powered by the energy of the cartridge as in a standard blowback system ...
MAS-49 Rifle - Technical Characteristics
... Although several experimental prototypes using a tilting bolt and direct impigement had been tested by MAS since 1924, the immediate precursor to the ... and pipes it directly into an open cylindrical hollow located in front and on top of the bolt carrier ... The system has the advantage of not depositing gas fouling on the bolt itself since it is a separate part located underneath the bolt carrier ...

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