Block - Objects


  • A large concrete masonry unit
  • A solid piece of a hard substance, such as wood, upon which persons are beheaded, e.g.: The charges that led Sir Walter Raleigh to the block in 1618.
  • Tower block, a high rise multi-unit building
  • Block (sailing), a single or multiple pulley used on sailboats
  • Cylinder block, the main part of an internal combustion engine
  • Toy block, one of a set of wooden or plastic pieces of various shapes
  • Unit block a type of standardized wooden toy block for children
  • Freewheel, a set of rear sprockets that attaches to a hub on the rear wheel
  • Wood block a small piece of slit drum made from a single piece of wood and used as a percussion instrument
  • Hat block a wooden block carved into the shape of a hat by a craftsman known as a block shaper
  • Postage stamp block, an attached group of postage stamps

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Famous quotes containing the word objects:

    Consciousness, we shall find, is reducible to relations between objects, and objects we shall find to be reducible to relations between different states of consciousness; and neither point of view is more nearly ultimate than the other.
    —T.S. (Thomas Stearns)

    Women have seldom sufficient employment to silence their feelings; a round of little cares, or vain pursuits frittering away all strength of mind and organs, they become naturally only objects of sense.
    Mary Wollstonecraft (1759–1797)

    I was afraid that by observing objects with my eyes and trying to comprehend them with each of my other senses I might blind my soul altogether.
    Socrates (469–399 B.C.)