Capability is the ability to perform actions. As it applies to human capital, capability is the sum of capacity and ability.

It is a component within the theories of:

  • Capability-based security and Capability-based addressing in computing
  • Capability approach in welfare economics
  • Capability management in the defence sector
  • Capability (systems engineering), used in the defense industry but also in private industry (e.g. Gap analysis)
  • Capability Brown, an English landscape artist

Other articles related to "capability":

SPURV II - Capability
... SPURV II was quite a bit different in its 1975 operational state than its final 1979 state ... The instrumentation and the internal recording system capacity were significantly increased, and all of the sensors—temperature and velocity at 1 kHz, temperature, conductivity and velocity at 100 Hz, and (more precisely) temperature, conductivity, dye concentration, and pressure (depth) at 10 Hz—could be recorded for up to 6 hours ...
Military Capability
... Military capability is defined by the Australian Defence Force as "the ability to achieve a desired effect in a specific operating environment" ... three interdependent factors combat readiness, sustainable capability and force structure ... Plan seeks to provide a global understanding of capability needs, capability trends and potential capability shortfalls ...
CORDA (UK) - Type of Work Undertaken - Fast Response Studies For Ministry of Defence
... provided fast response studies for the Director Equipment Capability (DEC) in the Underwater Battlefield Capability Area of the UK Ministry of Defence ... CORDA is involved in the day to day business of the DEC including cost/capability measurement, weapon and sensor capability evaluation across the whole spectrum of underwater systems, business case preparation for ...
Advanced Multimedia Supplements - Features and Profiles
... Every JSR-234 implementation must support at least one Media Capability ... Media Capability Description Music Capability Music Capability mandates equalizer and audio level control for the main mix of the application. 3D Audio Capability 3D Audio Capability mandates support for at least one simultaneous 16 kHz / 16 bits 3D audio sound source and for a global reverberator ...