Beth Din

A beth din, bet din, beit din or beis din (Hebrew: בית דין‎, "house of judgment"; plural battei din) is a rabbinical court of Judaism. In ancient times, it was the building block of the legal system in the Biblical Land of Israel. Today, it is invested with legal powers in a number of religious matters (din Torah, "matter of litigation," plural dinei Torah) both in Israel and in Jewish communities in the Diaspora, where its judgments hold varying degrees of authority (depending upon the jurisdiction and subject matter) in matters specifically related to Jewish religious life.

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Conference Of European Rabbis - Daughter Organizations
... European Beth Din The European Beth Din was established over 15 years ago, as an initiative of the late Chief Rabbi Lord Jakobovits, who was then president of the Conference of European Rabbis ... communities where there were no functioning Rabbinical Courts (Beth Din), the EBD was established to service the demand and provide comprehensive Jewish legal services across a ...
Officers of A Beth Din
... A large beth din may have the following officers Av Beth Din (אב בית דין, literally "Father of the Court", abbreviated אב"ד / ABD) is the most senior jurist who may join in the adjudication of cases or ... The av beth din will usually be a highly respected rabbi and posek, who can give responsa ... Traditionally, the salaried rabbi of the local Jewish community served as the av beth din Rosh Beth Din (ראש בית דין, literally "Head of the Court", abbreviated רב"ד) is equivalent to a chief justice ...
Former Dayanim of The London Beth Din
... Lew Dayan Yitzchak Berger (currently Av Beth Din of the Manchester Beth Din) Dayan Chanoch Ehrentreu (retired 2007) ...
... is a form of contempt of court order issued by a beth din (rabbinical court) in an effort to compel action by an individual ... characteristics of shunning or excommunication) for a party who refuses to appear before a beth din ... shunned by the community until the terms of the order issued by the beth din are addressed ...
Chanoch Ehrentreu - London
... Dayan Ehrentreu was appointed to the post of Rosh Beth Din in London by Lord Jackobovits in 1984 ... He was known as the Rosh Beth Din (rather than the traditional "Av" Beth Din) as the title of Av Beth Din is formally held by the Chief Rabbi ... as convention of his office, the Chief Rabbi is not involved in Beth Din work ...

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