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Jimmy And His Magic Patch
... Jimmy and His Magic Patch was a comic strip in the British comic The Beano which began in 1944 ... The story was reprinted in Dandy Beano 50 Golden Years in 1988, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the two comics ... Thomson comics Currently Running Comics The Beano BeanoMAX Commando Adventure Comics Adventure Bullet Buddy Champ Commando The Crunch The Hornet The Hotspur The Rover The Skipper Spike Starblazer ...
The Beano Summer Special
... The Beano Summer Special is like the Beano with extra comic strips, which as its name suggest was released during the summer months and cost more than the regular comics ... This special first started in 1963 with a joint Beano-Dandy summer special and then in 1964 the first Beano summer special appeared ... ran continually until 2003 when they were replaced by Beano specials, which was a series of monthly special Beanos including a Summer Special released in the Summer ...

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    Commercial jazz, soap opera, pulp fiction, comic strips, the movies set the images, mannerisms, standards, and aims of the urban masses. In one way or another, everyone is equal before these cultural machines; like technology itself, the mass media are nearly universal in their incidence and appeal. They are a kind of common denominator, a kind of scheme for pre-scheduled, mass emotions.
    C. Wright Mills (1916–62)

    Women hate everything which strips off the tinsel of sentiment, and they are right, or it would rob them of their weapons.
    George Gordon Noel Byron (1788–1824)

    There is only one vice, which may be found in life with as strong features, and as high a colouring as needs be employed by any satyrist or comic poet; and that is AVARICE.
    David Hume (1711–1776)