Bauman Moscow State Technical University

The Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Bauman MSTU (Russian: Московский государственный технический университет им. Н. Э. Баумана (МГТУ им. Н. Э. Баумана)), sometimes colloquially referred to as the Bauman School or Baumanka (Russian: Ба́уманка) is a public technical university located in Moscow, Russia. The Bauman University was founded in 1763 by the Russian empress Catherine II as a Educational Imperial House. Bauman University is the oldest and largest Russian technical university offering B.S., M.S. and PhD degrees in various engineering fields and applied sciences. Bauman University is the second oldest educational institution in Moscow after Lomonosov Moscow State University (1755).

Bauman University admits 18000 students who follow a 6-year engineering course, the longest in Russia. Additionally, Bauman University enrolls roughly 1000 PhD students. Bauman University grants 800 to 3000 students free room and board in one of 13 university residences annually.

The admission process includes 3 exams on math, physics and Russian. The selection to enter university is more than 1 to 10, which means that there are more than 30000 applicants. More than 2600 of them pass through 2 years of preparation courses, another 2000 follow studies in high schools partners of Bauman University. Participation in admission process requires a gage of original high school certificate which prevent applicants to take part in Lomonosov Moscow State University admission process at the same time.

The Bauman University is commonly regarded as one of Russia's most prestigious universities and has high entry requirements for its prospective students. The Bauman University is regularly ranked on the first place in official government and business press rating. The Bauman University also regularly occupies top 3 places in rating of alumni hunted by biggest Russian companies. In 2011/2012 QS World University rankings BMSTU occupied the 379th position in overall ranking and the 229th in Engineering&IT section.

The Bauman University has a National Research Center status, the financing of Bauman University is provided by a separate expense asset of Russian National Budget independently of Ministry of Education.

During the first half of the 20th century, Bauman University formed and founded more than 70 technical universities in the USSR, some of them are now well known institutions : Moscow Aviation Institute, Moscow Power Engineering Institute, Moscow University of Civil Engineering, Moscow Chemical Institute, Moscow Communication and Informatics University, Central Aerohydrodynamics Institute TSAGI, Military Academy of Aviation Engineering Joukovski.

Bauman University is famous for its educational system called “Russian method” which unify a broad and intensive theoretical preparation with a deep practical education closely connected with industries. Presented on Universal Exposition in 1873 in Wien and in 1876 on Universal Exposition in Philadelphia this method won a gold prize. The President of MIT professor John Daniel Runkle wrote that Russian method will be undoubtedly applied as a principal educational system in MIT and all other American technical universities.

Many Bauman University’s graduates are world-renowned: Sergei Korolev for the first satellite in the space and first man and woman in the space, Andrey Tupolev for the world first supersonic passenger plane, Nikolay Dollezhal for the world first civil nuclear plant, Vladimir Shukhov for the first method and the world first petrol cracking plant as well as for the first hyperboloid structures in architecture, Nikolay Zhukovsky for the foundation of aerodynamics and hydrodynamics sciences, Pavel Sukhoi for the foundation of Sukhoi Aerospace Design Bureau.

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