Bauman Moscow State Technical University - Famous Faculty and Alumni

Famous Faculty and Alumni

  • Sergei Pavlovich Korolev
  • Vladimir Grigorievich Shukhov
  • Andrey Nikolaevich Tupolev
  • Pavel Osipovich Sukhoi
  • Pafnuty Lvovich Chebyshev
  • Nikolai Yegorovich Zhukovsky
  • Vladimir Nikolayevich Chelomei
  • Nikolay Alekseevich Pilyugin
  • Semyon Alekseyevich Lavochkin
  • Vladimir Mikhailovich Petlyakov
  • Sergei Alekseyevich Lebedev
  • Sergei Ivanovich Vavilov
  • Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Mikulin
  • Sergey Alexandrovich Afanasyev
  • Alfred Rosenberg
  • Sergey Nepobedimiy
  • Nikolay Dollezhal
  • Vladimir Pavlovich Barmin

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