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  • Andrea Beaumont: In the animated film Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, most of the relationship between Bruce and Andrea is told through flashbacks. Andrea was a major factor during Bruce's struggle into becoming Batman. Bruce admitted that the pain of his parents' death had lifted due to Andrea. Bruce decided to abandon his oath and proposed to Andrea. However, Andrea gave back the ring the next day and went to Europe. Bruce meets Andrea again in the film and is crushed by the discovery of her being the Phantasm. She would return decades later, being hired by Amanda Waller to help create a new Batman. She initially agreed but backed down later on, citing that doing so would dishonor all the Batman stood for. She was based on Rachel Caspian.
  • Lois Lane: In a crossover between Superman: The Animated Series and The New Batman Adventures, World's Finest, Bruce Wayne dates Daily Planet star reporter Lois Lane after meeting her at Metropolis Airport. However, she breaks off the relationship after she discovers that he is Batman. Bruce points out the irony to Superman that she likes Bruce Wayne and Superman, but not their respective alter egos. This seems to have carried over to the comics, as Lois Lane knows Bruce Wayne is Batman. They still have a very close friendship and she helps him keep an eye on the "reformed" Penguin while at a party of Wayne's.
  • Zatanna: In Batman: The Animated Series, while a young Bruce Wayne studies escape artistry under Zatara the Magician, he has a relationship with Zatara's daughter. When she later becomes the magician crimefighter, Zatanna, she and Batman maintain a working relationship.
  • Cheetah: In Justice League, Cheetah was a member in a group of villains formed by Lex Luthor that has captured Batman. She was left alone to watch Batman and she told him her origin, and how she sees herself as a freak. Batman told her that he sees a determined woman who's willing to lose everything for a cause she believes in; they then share a kiss. Batman was actually seducing her only to avoid the explosion of a bomb planted there by the villains, the bomb was exploded outside the station and for that Luthor accused her to be a traitor, showing to the rest of the group a tape of the holding cell with Cheetah and Batman kissing. Lex orders Solomon Grundy to take care of Cheetah and he dragged her out of the room.
  • Susan Maguire: In the Batman: The Animated Series episode Chemistry, Susan was first seen at Bruce's friend's wedding. Bruce quickly fell for her and he proposed. After the wedding, on the honeymoon cruise, Bruce realized that Susan was "too" perfect and it turned out she was a plant-hybrid created by Poison Ivy to inherit Wayne's fortune after Ivy sank the cruise ship, killing Wayne and other rich company owner who had the perfect counterparts created for them as well. When Susan attacked him he locked her in their room, she most likely drowned after Ivy's plants sank the ship.

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