Balloon Loop

A balloon loop or turning loop allows a rail vehicle or train to reverse direction without having to shunt or even stop. Balloon loops can be useful for passenger trains and unit freight trains such as coal trains.

Balloon loops are common on tram or streetcar systems. Many streetcar and tram systems use single-ended vehicles that have doors on only one side and must be turned at each end of the route.

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Balloon Loop - Disadvantages
... The major disadvantage is that a balloon loop is very space consuming ... along one side of the car only), the use of a reversing loop will cause a proportion of the rolling stock to face the "wrong" way and it may not be possible to assemble a complete train in a depot, even if ... After the opening of a loop at Charing Cross (Embankment) in 1914 (replaced in 1926 by the present Kennington loop) car ends were marked "A" or "B" (later, when axles were ...
Richmond Vale Railway Line - History - Unit Train Loader At Hexham and The End of Non-Air Working On The PTC Main Line
... loading point was constructed at the Newcastle end of the preparation plant and was served by a balloon loop and a 1200T loading bin ... The rails for both balloon loop and Coal Allied Siding came from the section of the RVR beyond Stockrington ... The balloon loop was brought into use in June 1973, Coal Allied siding was also ready for use in June 1973 but due to industrial problems it was not used until 17 August 1973 ...
Railway Station Layout - Geometry-specific - With or On Balloon Loop
... A balloon loop is a track arrangement that allows a train to reverse direction without shunting or having to stop ... In some cases, multiple stations lie on a balloon loop ... the IRT Lexington Avenue Line was one of the first balloon loop stations ...
Merry-go-round Train - Balloon Loop
... Associated with merry-go-round trains are the construction of balloon loops at the origin and destination so that the train doesn't waste time shunting the engine from one end of the train ... However, whilst power stations such as Ratcliffe, West Burton and Cottam had balloon loops, few if any colliery/loading points had them and thus true merry-go-round operation ...
Outer Harbor Railway Station - History
... goods lines on the wharf in addition to the passenger facilities, and a sizeable balloon loop which allowed passenger trains to continue back towards Adelaide without reversing ... This still connected to the balloon loop (which ran around the circumference of the North Haven Golf Course) and allowed the lines closer to the wharf to concentrate on ... Goods trains continued to access the wharf by reversing from the north end of the balloon loop ...

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