Balak (parsha) - Further Reading - Biblical


  • Genesis 3:1–14 (talking animal); 22:3 (rose early in the morning, and saddled his ass, and took two of his young men with him).
  • Exodus 32:1–35 (sacrifices to another god; zealots kill apostates; zealots rewarded with priestly standing; plague as punishment; leader makes atonement); 34:15–16 (foreign women and apostasy).
  • Numbers 31:6–18 (Balaam; Phinehas, war with Midian).
  • Deuteronomy 4:3 (Baal Peor); 23:4–7 (Balaam).
  • Joshua 13:22 (Balaam the son of Beor the sorcerer); 22:16–18 (Baal Peor); 24:9–10.
  • Jeremiah 30:18 (tents, dwellings).
  • Hosea 9:10 (Baal Peor).
  • Micah 6:5 (Balaam).
  • Nehemiah 13:1–2.
  • Psalms 1:3 (like a tree planted); 31:19 (lying lips be dumb); 33:10–11 (God brings the counsel of the nations to nothing); 49:17–18 (disregard for the wealth of this world); 78:2 (speaking a parable); 98:6 (shout); 106:28–31 (Baal Peor); 110:2 (rod out of Zion); 116:15 (precious to God the death of God’s servants).

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