Auxiliary may refer to:

  • A backup site or system
  • Auxiliary input jack, generally for audio
  • Auxiliary verb
  • International auxiliary language
  • Auxiliary police
  • Auxiliaries, troops supporting the main force of an army
    • Auxiliaries (Roman military)
  • Auxiliary route, also known as "special route", in road transportation
    • An auxiliary route of the Interstate Highway System in the United States
  • Auxiliary bishop, in the Roman Catholic Church
  • Auxiliary organization in the Latter Day Saint movement
  • Aux-send of a mixing console
  • A marching band colorguard

Other articles related to "auxiliary":

Comparison Between Ido And Novial - Verbal Systems
... Both use a combination of auxiliary verbs and verb endings ... However, Novial uses many more auxiliary verbs and few endings, while Ido uses only one auxiliary verb and a greater number of verb endings ... As with most international auxiliary languages, all verb forms in Ido and Novial are independent of person (1st, 2nd or 3rd persons) and number (singular or plural) ...
Subject-auxiliary Inversion - Inversion With Other Types of Verb
... where the verb is not restricted to an auxiliary verb ... Examples of non-auxiliary verbs being used in typical subject–auxiliary inversion patterns may be found in older texts or in English written in an archaic style Know you what it is to ...
Poncri Auxiliary Aerodrome
... Poncri Auxiliary Aerodrome is a former airport in Panama ... was used by the United States Army Air Forces Sixth Air Force as an auxiliary of Howard Field as part of the defense of the Panama Canal ...
Subject-auxiliary Inversion - Overview
... Subject–auxiliary inversion involves placing the subject after a finite auxiliary verb, rather than before it as is the case in typical declarative sentences (the ... The auxiliary verbs which may participate in such inversion (e.g ... this restriction, see Inversion with other types of verb below.) A typical example of subject–auxiliary inversion is given below ...