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Garibaldi Bersaglieri Brigade - 1990s
... Training) Battalion Lucania, in Potenza 11th Self-propelled Field Artillery Group Teramo, in Persano Garibaldi Logistic Battalion, in Caserta Garibaldi Medical Battalion, in Caserta ... Cavalry Squadron Cavalleggeri Guide changes its name to 19th Cavalry Regiment Cavalleggeri Guide 26 June 1993 the 3rd Bersaglieri Battalion Cernaia becomes the 8th Bersaglieri Regiment ... Andreani becomes the 131st Tank Regiment 10 September 1993 the 67th Bersaglieri Battalion Fagarè becomes the 18th Bersaglieri Regiment 10 September 1992 the 11th ...
Sigfrid Henrici
... Imperial German Army as an officer cadet in the 11th Artillery Regiment in 1907 and was commissioned as a Leutnant in an artillery regiment in 1909 ... He then moved back to the Army in December of that year and commanded the 29th Artillery Regiment from 1936 ...
Lithuanian Army (1922) - The Army - Artillery
... There was 4 regiments of mixed artillery of 3 - 4 batteries everyone for supporting every Infantry division ... I artillery regiment I field battery IV field battery VII field battery II artillery regiment II field battery V field battery I howitzer battery III ...
Hu Kexian
... of 28 and was in charge of the only heavy artillery regiment (10th regiment/第十團重炮兵團長) of the ROC army during his time ... His heavy artillery regiment played a major role during the Second Sino-Japanese war (1937–1945) such as the Battle of Shanghai because the artillery regiment ...
Aleksey Vysotsky - Biography - Red Army Service During The German-Soviet War
... In 1939 Vysotsky studied at the Podolsk artillery school ... He was called to active duty in the Red Army that same year as the commander of an artillery platoon of 165th Howitzer Artillery Regiment, which took part in operations of the Soviet-F ... As a part of 18th Guards Artillery Regiment he participated in defense of Odessa, Kerch and Sevastopol, as well as military operations on Don River and in ...

Famous quotes containing the words regiment and/or artillery:

    With two thousand years of Christianity behind him ... a man can’t see a regiment of soldiers march past without going off the deep end. It starts off far too many ideas in his head.
    Louis-Ferdinand Céline (1894–1961)

    Another success is the post-office, with its educating energy augmented by cheapness and guarded by a certain religious sentiment in mankind; so that the power of a wafer or a drop of wax or gluten to guard a letter, as it flies over sea over land and comes to its address as if a battalion of artillery brought it, I look upon as a fine meter of civilization.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)