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2S3 Akatsiya - Service and Combat History - Former USSR
2S3 was intended for inventory of artillery regiments of Soviet tank and motor rifle divisions ... regiments of Soviet first echelon tank and motor rifle divisions (e.g ... self-propelled artillery regiment (stationed in Borna) of 9th tank division 724th Guards Warsaw self-propelled artillery regiment (stationed in ...
Central Group Of Forces
... of about 85,000 and comprised two tank divisions, three mechanized infantry divisions, three missile brigades, an artillery brigade, and an airborne assault brigade ... Four of the five Soviet ground divisions in Czechoslovakia were stationed in the Czech lands (15th Guards Tank Division at Milovice, 18th Guards Motor Rifle Division at Mladá Boleslav, 48th MRD at Vysoké Mýto ... Also at Milovice was the 131st Mixed Aviation Division, which arrived from Ivano-Frankovsk in the Ukrainian SSR in August 1968 ...
List Of Infantry Divisions Of The Soviet Union 1917–1957 - Rifle Divisions List - 201 - 210 Divisions
... 201st Rifle Division—established Aug 1941 at Gorki ... Became 43rd Guards Rifle Division Oct 1942 ... Recreated from 27th Rifle Brigade at Schlusselburg Nov 1943 with 1st Shock Army of the Kurland Group (Leningrad Front) May 1945 ...
List Of Infantry Divisions Of The Soviet Union 1917–1957 - Motor Rifle Divisions
... Order of the October Revolution Red Banner Separate Motor Rifle Division of special purpose Internal Troops, Ministry of Interior of the USSR in the name of F. 1st Guards Motor Rifle Division 1941 - 1943, reformed 1957 - 2002 2nd Guards Motor Rifle Division (ex 107th Motor Rifle Division Feb 1942). 3rd Guards Motor Rifle Division (ex 82nd Motor Rifle Division Mar 1942) ...
66th Guards Rifle Division - History - Second Formation - 1945–1992
... From October 1946 Division was assigned to 38th Army in Chernivtsi ... Division took part in Hungarian Revolution of 1956 ... On June 15, 1957 66th Guards Rifle Division became 66th Guards Motor Rifle Division ...

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