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Battle Of Kalbajar - The Battle - Final Push
... Many of the Azeri forces were ill-prepared for the attack as Melkonian noted when pointing out to their lack of equipment ... Despite having his force reduced down to a total of sixty-eight men, a force too weak to take the capital, he ordered them to continue forward ... By April 3, the Armenian forces had encircled the capital and resistance had weakened ...
Capture Of Shusha
... Shusha, referred to as the Liberation of Shushi by Armenians (Armenian Շուշիի ազատագրումը (Šušii azatagrumë) and Occupation of Shusha by Azerbaijanis (Azerbaijani Şuşa ... the strategically important mountain town of Shusha (known as Shushi to Armenians) on the evening of May 8, 1992, and fighting swiftly concluded the following day after Armenian forces captured and drove ... Armenian military commanders based in Nagorno-Karabakh's capital of Stepanakert had been contemplating the capture of the town after a hail of Azeri military bombardment had begun shelling that city ...
Nagorno-Karabakh War - Summer 1993 - Agdam, Fizuli, Jabrail and Zangilan
... were adjusting to the new political landscape, many Armenians were coping with the death of Melkonian who was killed earlier on 12 June in a skirmish near the town ... The Armenian forces exploited the political crisis in Baku, which had left the Karabakh front almost undefended by the Azerbaijani forces ... Azerbaijani military forces were unable to put up much resistance to Armenian advances and left most of the areas without any serious fighting ...
History Of Nagorno-Karabakh - The War of Nagorno-Karabakh, 1991
... According to Armenian news agency Noyan Tapan, Rokhlin openly lobbied for the interests of Azerbaijan ... Times article suggested that Russia's military support for Armenia was aimed to force "pro-Western Azerbaijan and its strategic oil reserves into Russia's orbit" ... from Russia and other CIS countries fought on the Armenian side, and some of them were killed or captured by the Azerbaijan army ...
Armenian-controlled Territories Surrounding Nagorno Karabakh - History
18 May 1992, Armenian forces took Lachin, opening the Lachin corridor for land communications between NKR and Armenia ... However, the corridor was under constant threat from Azerbaijani forces who repeatedly tried to cut it ... A strong offensive by Armenian forces occurred in 1993, resulting in the securing of further territory to act as a "security zone" ...

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