Arbor Milling

Arbor milling is a cutting process which removes material via a multi-toothed cutter. An arbor mill is a type of milling machine characterized by its ability to rapidly remove material from a variety of materials. This milling process is not only rapid but also versatile.

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Arbor Milling - Lubrication and Cooling
... Fluids and Applications Workpeice Cutting Fluid Application method Aluminum None, mineral oil, fatty oil Spray, flood Brass Mineral oil, specialty fluid Spray, flood Cast Iron Soluble oil, chemical and synthetic oil, none Spray, flood Mild Steel Chemical and synthetic oil, soluble oil Spray, flood Stainless Steel Sulferized mineral oil, fally soluble oil, chemical and synthetic oil Spray, flood Plastics Mineral oil, soluble oil, cold air, none Spray, flood, air jet. ...

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