Appropriation may refer to:

  • Appropriation (art)
    • Appropriation (music) in reference to the re-use and proliferation of different types of music
  • Appropriation (economics) origination of human ownership of previously unowned natural resources such as land
  • Appropriation (education)
  • Appropriation (law) as a component of government spending
  • Appropriation (sociology) in relation to the spread of knowledge
  • Cultural appropriation, the borrowing, or theft, of an element of cultural expression of one group by another
    • Reappropriation, use of a negative word or object by a member of the offended group, with a sense of pride.
  • The personality rights tort of appropriation, one form of invasion of privacy
  • Appropriation (By Any Other Name), by The Long Blondes (2005)

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