• (adj): Readily applicable or practical.
    Synonyms: applicative, applicatory
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Some articles on applicable:

ATA Carnet - Carnet Usage
... The application, among other things, lists all countries of intended transit and all applicable goods with their assigned values ... If the application is properly completed and submitted with the applicable fees the national guaranteeing organization will issue a carnet ... If all documents are in order and no claims are found to be forthcoming from one of the applicable foreign countries, the collateral can be returned ...
Medical College In India - Postgraduate Courses
... Subject Degree Diploma Anaesthesia M.D./DNB DA Anatomy MD/DNB Not Applicable Biochemistry MD/DNB Not Applicable Community Medicine/PSM MD/DNB DCM/DPH Dermatology MD/DNB ...
Best International Athlete ESPY Award - List of Winners
... Cardinals Major League Baseball Baseball 2007 Roger Federer Switzerland Not applicable ATP Tour Tennis 2008 Lorena Ochoa Mexico Not applicable LPGA Tour Golf 2009 Usain Bolt Jamaica Not applicable Not ...
Dominion Rules - Game Mechanic
... roll d12 trying to roll less than or equal to the applicable skill stat, as modified by any applicable bonuses or penalties ... an opponent with his weapon begins with his Strike stat, adds to it the Strike bonus applicable to his weapon, and subtracts from that any defensive penalties imposed by his opponent's defensive ...
Best Fighter ESPY Award - List of Winners
... or contested Other finalists 2007 Floyd Mayweather Jr United States Boxing Not applicable Welterweight 2008 Floyd Mayweather Jr United States Boxing ...

More definitions of "applicable":

  • (adj): Capable of being applied; having relevance.
    Example: "Gave applicable examples to support her argument"

Famous quotes containing the word applicable:

    I am afraid I am one of those people who continues to read in the hope of sometime discovering in a book a single—and singular—piece of wisdom so penetrating, so soul stirring, so utterly applicable to my own life as to make all the bad books I have read seem well worth the countless hours spent on them. My guess is that this wisdom, if it ever arrives, will do so in the form of a generalization.
    Joseph Epstein (b. 1937)