Anza may refer to:

  • Anza, a neighborhood of Agadir, Morocco
  • Anza, California, a town in Riverside County
  • Anza, Imperial County, California
  • Anzá, Antioquia, a town in Colombia
  • Anza (river), a river in Piedmont, Italy
  • Anza (singer), a Japanese singer and actress
  • Anza (tribe), an Arab tribe
  • Anza (missile), a Pakistani-built surface-to-air missile
  • Anzah, a Palestinian village in the West Bank
  • Juan Bautista de Anza, a colonial Spanish explorer and governor of New Mexico
  • De Anza College, a community college in Cupertino, California
  • Numerous schools, streets, organizations, and businesses named "De Anza", mostly in California
  • ANZA, one of several Australia and New Zealand Associations, community organizations in different countries
  • Boscia senegalensis, an edible plant from western Africa

Other articles related to "anza":

Cuerno Verde - Life
... The Viceroy offered Juan Bautista de Anza the governorship of Nuevo Mexico in exchange for him dealing with Tabivo Naritgant ... De Anza moved to Nuevo Mexico and assumed the Governorship and for a year, studied past expeditions against and encounters with Cuerno Verde ... A year later, in August 1779, de Anza led a mixed force of 500 to 800 Spanish troops and Ute, Apache, and Pueblo auxiliaries on a punitive expedition against the ...
Dream (Anza Song)
... Anza Ohyama (大山アンザ, Ōyama Anza?, born May 4, 1976) is a Japanese singer and actress ... Anza's younger sister Chiho played Makoto Kino/Sailor Jupiter in the 1998 musical Shin Densestu Kourin (Beginning of the New Legend), after Anza graduated ...
Mystic Lake (California) - Juan Bautista De Anza Anza Trail
... The Anza Trail passes by the lake, which was described by Juan Bautista de Anza in 1774 as "several leagues in circumference and as full of white geese as water." Anza named it Laguna de Bucareli, after Antonio ...
Anza, California - Noteworthy Anzans
... Judge Terwilliger, a judge who emigrated from Hemet to Anza during the settlement years ... Red Skelton lived here until his death ...
San Jacinto Fault Zone - Characteristics - Anza Seismic Gap
... In a 1975 study, one of these (a 40 km (25 mi) stretch) was labeled the "Anza to Coyote Mountain slip gap", and was further refined in a 1984 paper by ... However, if the slip were to extend out of the Anza area, the earthquake could be up to, but not larger than 7.0 in magnitude ...