PR, P. R., Pr, or Pr. may refer to:

In social science:

  • Public relations, a field concerned with maintaining public image

In geography:

  • Paraná (state), Brazil (ISO 3166-2:BR)
  • Parma, Italy (ISO 3166-2:IT)
  • Port Richmond, various locations
  • PR postcode area, for Preston, Lancashire, United Kingdom
  • Puerto Rico, ISO 3166 code PR

In organizations:

  • Party of Regions, a Ukrainian political party
  • Payroll, the sum of all financial records of salaries for an employee
  • The Princeton Review, an education company

In transportation:

  • Pakistan Railways, reporting mark PR, is a national state-owned rail transport service of Pakistan
  • Philippine Airlines, IATA airline designation PR

In ecclesialogy:

  • Pastor, an ordained leader of a Christian congregation
  • Presbyter, or priest, may also be abbreviated as Prb or Pbr
  • Permanens Rector, or Permanent Rector, a person who holds the office of presiding over an ecclesiastical institution
  • Pater, or priest, Latin for father

In computing:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro, software which uses "Pr" as its icon abbreviation
  • Pagerank, a Google technology
  • Performance Rating, a computing term by AMD
  • Perpendicular recording, hard disk technology
  • Project Reality, a modification of the games Battlefield 2 and ArmA 2
  • PR (complexity), a complexity class

In politics:

  • Republican Party of Albania, a political party in Albania
  • Pakatan Rakyat, a political coalition in Malaysia composed of three parties: Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party, Parti Keadilan Rakyat and Democratic Action Party
  • Proportional representation, a property of some voting systems

In military:

  • Parachute rigger, a former rank of the U.S. Navy
  • Pershing Rifles

In science:

  • Pathogenesis-related, a type of plant proteins produced during a pathogen infection
  • Peripheral resistance, in blood circulation, the resistance of the peripheral vasculature in systemic circulation
  • Per rectum, in medicine
  • Photorefractive effect
  • Prandtl number, in physics and engineering
  • Praseodymium, chemical element number 59 (abbreviated "Pr")
  • Probability of release, a term used in neuroscience
  • Progesterone receptor, a protein
  • Propyl radicals, in organic chemistry

In mathematics:

  • Positive-real, in mathematics the defining property of positive-real functions
  • PR (complexity), a complexity class

In sport:

  • Precisely Right, a synchronized skating team
  • Punt returner, a position in American football
  • Protected Ranking, a tennis term used in tournaments - see Glossary of tennis
  • Personal Record, the fastest time an individual has achieved in a given running distance.
  • Personal Record, a weight record in Powerlifting

In television:

  • Power Rangers, referred to as PR by fans
  • P.R. (TV series), a Canadian television sitcom
  • Pretty Rhythm, A Japanese Animation Series


  • Peer review
  • Permanent residency, in immigration
  • Permanent revolution, in politics
  • Pizza Roll, a snack food
  • Poste restante, a service where the post office holds mail until the recipient calls for it
  • Press release
  • Protestant Reformation
  • Partisan Review, a defunct political and literary journal
  • Pr., Estonian abbreviation for Proua, or Mrs.
  • PlanetRomeo (also known as GayRomeo and Guys4Men), a popular and free dating website for gay and bisexual men.

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