Anna Freud

Anna Freud (3 December 1895 – 9 October 1982) was the sixth and last child of Sigmund and Martha Freud. Born in Vienna, she followed the path of her father and contributed to the newly born field of psychoanalysis. Alongside Melanie Klein, she may be considered the founder of psychoanalytic child psychology: as her father put it, child analysis 'had received a powerful impetus through "the work of Frau Melanie Klein and of my daughter, Anna Freud"'. Compared to her father, her work emphasized the importance of the ego and its ability to be trained socially.

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... the psychoanalyst Kurt Eissler and became acquainted with Sigmund Freud's daughter Anna Freud ... Masson to succeed him as Director of the Sigmund Freud Archives after his and Anna Freud's death ... In 1980 Masson was appointed Projects Director of the Freud Archives, with full access to Freud's correspondence and other unpublished papers ...
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... Anna Freud's theories were important for the discipline of the developmental psychology ... The field of developmental psychology has learned from Anna Freud always to consider that the inner world of the child is constructed in interaction ...
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... The Hampstead Child Therapy Course was started by Anna Freud in 1947 ... The Hampstead Child Therapy Course and Clinic was founded in 1952 by Anna Freud, Dorothy Burlingham, and Helen Ross, becoming the first child psychoanalytic centre for observational ... After Anna Freud's death in 1982 the Centre was renamed the "Anna Freud Centre" ...

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    Devout believers are safeguarded in a high degree against the risk of certain neurotic illnesses; their acceptance of the universal neurosis spares them the task of constructing a personal one.
    —Sigmund Freud (1856–1939)