Amarna Period

The Amarna Period was an era of Egyptian history during the latter half of the Eighteenth Dynasty when the royal residence of the pharaoh and his queen was shifted to Akhetaten ('Horizon of the Aten') in what is now modern-day Amarna. It was marked by the reign of Amenhotep IV, who changed his name to Akhenaten (1353–1336 BC) in order to reflect the dramatic change of Egypt's polytheistic religion into one where a sun-god Aten was worshiped over all other gods. Aten was not solely worshiped (the religion was not monotheistic), however, it was close as the rest of the gods were worshiped to a significantly lesser degree. The Egyptian pantheon of the equality of all gods and goddesses was restored under Akhenaten's successor. Other rulers of this period include Amenhotep III, Smenkhkare, Neferneferuaten, Tutankhamun, Ay, and Horemheb.

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Valley Of The Kings - Tomb Development - Eighteenth Dynasty - Amarna Period
... royal burials to Thebes after the end of Amarna period marks a change to the layout of royal burials, with the intermediate 'jogged axis' gradually giving way to the 'straight axis' of later dynasties ... The other Amarna period tombs are located in a smaller, central area in the centre of the East Valley, with a possible mummy cache (KV55) that may contain the burials of several Amarna Period royals—Tiy and ... The decoration shows a transition from the pre-Amarna tombs to those of the 19th dynasty tombs that followed ...
Neferneferuaten - Summary
... Many specialists in the period believe the epigraphic evidence strongly indicates she acted for a time as Akhenaten's coregent ... much evidence expunged first by Neferneferuaten's successor, then the entire Amarna period by Horemheb and later in earnest by the kings of the 19th Dynasty, the exact details ... Speculations regarding the end of the Amarna Period are likely to continue for years to come ...
Amarna Period - Gallery of Images
... Queen Tiye, matriarch of the Amarna Dynasty ... Horemheb instigated a policy of damnatio memoriae, against everyone associated with the Amarna period ... Now commonly called Amarna, Akhenaten's capital city was abandoned by Tutankhamun ...
Art Of Ancient Egypt - Amarna Period
... The Amarna period and the years before the pharaoh Akhenaten moved the capital there in the late Eighteenth Dynasty form the most drastic interruption to the ... Amarna art is characterized by a sense of movement and activity in images, with figures having raised heads, many figures overlapping and many scenes full and crowded ... The human body is portrayed differently in the Amarna style than Egyptian art on the whole ...

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