To alter generally means to change something, and may refer to:

  • Alter (name), people named Alter
  • Alter (automobile)
  • Alter (crater), lunar crater
  • Alter Channel, Greek TV channel
  • Archbishop Alter High School, Roman Catholic high school in Kettering, Ohio
  • "Alter", a song by Raven from their 1994 album Glow
  • ALTER, command in older implementations of COBOL
  • Alter ego, or "alter" in popular usage, a "second self"
  • Alter (SQL)
  • Alter (aircraft constructor)
  • Alter (album), 2002 album by Floater
  • Alter (journal), a french philosophical journal, Alter, revue de phénoménologie
  • Alter, 2006 remix album by Swiss band Knut

Other articles related to "alter":

Bernard Goldstein (casino Owner) - Alter Companies
... He joined the Davenport, Iowa scrap metal firm, Alter Companies, owned by his father-in-law, Frank R ... Alter, in 1950 and served as secretary/treasurer until 1964, when he was elected executive vice president ... he launched a barge and tugboat service on the Mississippi River, Alter Barge Line, to transport the scrap Its first boat was the MV Frank R ...
Alter Do Chão (Brazil)
... Alter do Chão is a village 33km west (or a 45 minute bus ride ) from the Amazon port City of Santerem along one of the only roads in the state of Pará, Brazil ... Alter do Chão has for many years been a popular tourist destination for locals and with increasing numbers of tourists making trips along the Amazon River this village is becoming a well-kn ...
Alter és Kiss
... Alter és Kiss was the leading fashion house in Central Europe which began in 1829 in Budapest, Hungary, producing tailor-made clothing for the high society, including the Viennese royal family ... Generations before, women used to buy their endowment garments at the Alter és Kiss shop, and now, so do their grandchildren.” According to Magyar Bazár, the first shop for Alter és Kiss ... and Mei Mei Ding, with the devoted support of the Alter family ...
List Of Historical Harbour Cranes
... Wood/stone Alter Krahnen Trier Germany Mosel 1413, in service until 1910, two booms, one to attach a counterweight Stone Rheinkran Bingen Germany Rhine 1487, renovated in 1819, in service until 1890 after. 1750 (wood) rebuilt (stone) after the 1784 ice flood, in service til 1900 Stone Image Alter Krahn Alter Salzkran Lüneburg Germany Ilmenau 1379 reconstructed in 1797 after ice flood, in service until 1860 Wood ...

Famous quotes containing the word alter:

    Typography tended to alter language from a means of perception and exploration to a portable commodity.
    Marshall McLuhan (1911–1980)

    I dread no more the first white in my hair,
    Or even age itself, the easy shoe,
    The cane, the wrinkled hands, the special chair:
    Time, doing this to me, may alter too
    My anguish, into something I can bear.
    Edna St. Vincent Millay (1892–1950)

    He that will not apply new remedies, must expect new evils: for Time is the greatest innovator: and if Time, of course, alter things to the worse, and wisdom and counsel shall not alter them to the better, what shall be the end?
    Francis Bacon (1561–1626)