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Cell Phone Novel - Characteristics and Literary Style
... words usually less than 200, the phenomenon has brought a new approach to literature, allowing a new vision to potentially redefine traditional writing and the publishing world ... by the unseen or omitted becomes a vital part of the reading experience, allowing deeper meanings and interpretations to unfold ... and reading on the go, creates a unique experience, allowing the writer and reader to approach literature in a different way opening interactivity between the readers and the writer ...
Supermarine Spitfire (early Merlin Powered Variants) - Wing Types - C Type
... structurally modified to reduce labour and manufacturing time plus allowing mixed armament options A type, B type, or four 20 mm Hispano cannon ... mountings were redesigned and the undercarriage doors were bowed in cross section allowing the legs to sit lower in the wells, eliminating the upper-wing blisters over ... Strong-points were added outboard of the wheel-wells allowing racks capable of carrying one 250 lb (113 kg) bomb to be fitted under each wing ...
Scion (role-playing Game) - System
... Asha - The Yazata Purview, allowing Scions to promote truth, order and justice Cheval - The Loa Purview, allowing Scions to control and influence others via possession and mysticism Deuogdonio - The ...
Imaginatik - Products
... provides the following products Innovation Central A collaborative online platform allowing teams to collect, build, and share ideas ... Results Engine A simple tool allowing users to explore vet, test, and eventually launch innovations ... Discovery Suite A tool allowing users to focus teams' organizational knowledge around potential opportunities ...
San Francisco General Elections, November 2008 - Propositions - Proposition H
... H would establish public power in San Francisco, allowing the City to purchase public utilities, establishing deadlines on alternative energy use, allowing the City Public ...

Famous quotes containing the word allowing:

    A writer is in danger of allowing his talent to dull who lets more than a year go past without finding himself in his rightful place of composition, the small single unluxurious “retreat” of the twentieth century, the hotel bedroom.
    Cyril Connolly (1903–1974)

    Miss Ghote ... hadn’t the slightest intention of sitting passively by and allowing her neighbor the luxury of placing the teapot of her Episcopalian proclivities on her Baptist trivet.
    Alexander Theroux (b. 1940)

    If the Russians have gone too far in subjecting the child and his peer group to conformity to a single set of values imposed by the adult society, perhaps we have reached the point of diminishing returns in allowing excessive autonomy and in failing to utilize the constructive potential of the peer group in developing social responsibility and consideration for others.
    Urie Bronfenbrenner (b. 1917)