Airway Management

Airway management is the medical process of ensuring there is an open pathway between a patient’s lungs and the outside world, as well as ensuring the lungs are safe from aspiration. Airway management is a primary consideration in cardiopulmonary resuscitation, anaesthesia, emergency medicine, intensive care medicine and first aid.

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Louisville Metro EMS - Services - Skills
... Treatment issue EMT-B skills (technician) EMT-P skills (paramedic) Airway management Assessment, manual repositioning, oro- and nasopharyngeal airway adjuncts, manual ... Deep suctioning, use of Magill forceps, surgical airways (including needle cricothyrotomy) Breathing Assessment (rate, effort, symmetry, skin color), obstructed ... ventilators (rare), active oxygen administration by surgical airway, decompression of chest cavity using needle/valve device (needle thoracostomy) Circulation ...
General Anaesthesia - Induction - Airway Management
... by general anaesthesia, there is loss of protective airway reflexes (such as coughing), loss of airway patency and sometimes loss of a regular breathing pattern due ... To maintain an open airway and regulate breathing within acceptable parameters, some form of "breathing tube" is inserted in the airway after the patient is ... are alternative devices such as face masks or laryngeal mask airways ...
Paramedics In Canada - Scope of Practice - Skills
... Treatment issue PCP skills ACP skills Critical Care Paramedic skills Airway management Manual and repositioning, Oro- and nasopharyngeal airway adjuncts (in some ... transport ventilators, active oxygen administration by surgical airway, decompression of chest cavity using needle/valve device (needle thoracotomy) Circulation Assessment ... rule out fracture using Ottawa Ankle Rules) Wound management Assessment, control of bleeding, application of pressure dressings and other types of dressings Wound cleansing, wound closure with Steri-strips, suturing ...
Airway Management - Removal of Vomit and Regurgitation
... In the case of a patient who vomits or has other secretions in the airway, these techniques will not be enough ... trained clinicians may elect to use suction to clean out the airway, although this may not always be possible ...

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