Air Brake

Air brake may refer to the following contexts:

  • Air brake (aircraft), in aeronautics, a type of flight control system used on aircraft to reduce speed
  • Air brake (road vehicle), a type of brake used on large vehicles in place of hydraulic brakes, using compressed air
  • Railway air brake, a type of brake operated by compressed air and used on locomotives and railroad cars
  • Airbrake, in skateboarding and longboarding, is a mechanism of increasing wind resistance by spreading out the arms and standing upright. It does not lead one to stop entirely, but it can be employed to reduce speed while retaining stability

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... While in this employment, the air brake was invented, and he became very interested in its development ... He co-operated in making the tests of the Westinghouse Air Brake and was one of the original stockholders and members of the Board of Directors of the Westinghouse Air Brake Company, when it ... machine controlled by one person and operated by compressed air ...
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