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Sondrestrom Air Base - History - Base Operating Units
417th Base HQ Air Base Squadron, 26 September 1942 1385th Army Air Force Base Unit, 1 October 1945 1004th Air Base Squadron (redesignated 1234th Air Base Squadron, 1 October 1948), 1 June 1948 ...
List Of United States Air Force Groups - Inactive Groups
... Group Shield Location MAJCOM/DRU Years Active 311th Air Base Group Brooks City-Base AFMC ? - 2011 368th Expeditionary Air Support Operations Group Iraq AFCENT Inactivated 18 Dec 2011 370th Air Expeditionary ...
United States Air Forces In Europe - History - 1970s/1980s - 1988 Table of Organization
... At the end of the Cold War, the USAFE Force Structure was as follows Third Air Force, RAF Mildenhall, United Kingdom 10th Tactical Fighter Wing, RAF Alconbury ... Flying/Operational base with permanently assigned aircraft ... AS = Air Station ...
Lincoln Air National Guard Base - History - Strategic Air Command
... reactivate Lincoln Airport as an active United States Air Force base ... Senator Wherry fought for its activation and Lincoln Air Force Base was on a bill to be passed by the Congress until a few days before it was to be passed ... USAF Strategic Air Command officers would soon survey the land that would become Lincoln Air Force Base ...
Tempelhof Central Airport - Units - Air Force
... The main USAF unit at Tempelhof was the 7350th Air Base Group under various designations 7350th Air Base Group 1 July 1948 - 29 January 1993 7350th Air Base Group (1948-1954 ...

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