Some articles on aimed:

Schijt - Miscellaneous Profanity
... sukkel Sukkel is a relatively mild insult, typically aimed at boys and men ... sul Sul is a relatively mild insult, typically aimed at boys and men ... wijf Wijf is a common insult aimed at women ...
LGBT Culture In Japan - Mass Media - Media
... Gei-comi ("gay-comics") are gay-romance themed comics aimed at gay men ... significant stylistic and thematic differences between works aimed at these different audiences ... Unlike yaoi, yuri is aimed at a more widespread audience ...
Lego Fabuland
... Introduced in 1979, the range aimed to fill the gap between Duplo and the standard Lego product ranges ... Aimed at both boys and girls, the range encouraged storytelling, and was the first theme to be extended into books, clothing, and a claymation TV series ...
Gesang (village) - Health
... The staff at the Puskesmas run community centred programs aimed at improving the health of the town using social cohesion ... a continuous mosquito surveillance program, aimed at assessing and decreasing the incidence of dengue fever in the local area ... Puskesmas, there are several sporting initiatives such as soccer, volleyball and aerobics, aimed at getting members of different demographics physically active ...
Metric Space Aimed At Its Subspace
... In mathematics, a metric space aimed at its subspace is a categorical construction that has a direct geometric meaning ... Following (Holsztyński 1966), a notion of a metric space Y aimed at its subspace X is defined ... it will fly arbitrarily close to points of X – then we say that Y is aimed at X ...

Famous quotes containing the word aimed:

    Treachery is noble when aimed at tyranny.
    Pierre Corneille (1606–1684)

    The two most far-reaching critical theories at the beginning of the latest phase of industrial society were those of Marx and Freud. Marx showed the moving powers and the conflicts in the social-historical process. Freud aimed at the critical uncovering of the inner conflicts. Both worked for the liberation of man, even though Marx’s concept was more comprehensive and less time-bound than Freud’s.
    Erich Fromm (1900–1980)