AH (also Ah or ah) may refer to:

  • Ah (digraph), a digraph used in Taa orthography
  • Adolf Hitler (1889-1945), Austrian born dictator of Nazi Germany and leader of the NSDAP
  • After-hours trading in stock trading
  • Air handler, or air handling unit (AHU), a device used to condition and circulate air
  • Albert Heijn, a Dutch supermarket chain owned by Ahold
  • Ampere-hour, a unit of electric charge
  • Anhui, a Chinese province
  • Asian Highway
  • Attohenry (aH), an SI unit of inductance
  • Auction house
  • Austria–Hungary, a former European empire
  • Hijri year (Anno Hegirae) in the Islamic calendar
  • Adenomatous hyperplasia; see endometrial adenomatous hyperplasia and atypical adenomatous hyperplasia

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