AGIL Paradigm

The AGIL paradigm is a sociological scheme created by American sociologist Talcott Parsons in the 1950s. It is a systematic depiction of certain societal functions, which every society must meet to be able to maintain stable social life. The AGIL paradigm is part of Parsons's larger action theory, outlined in his notable book The Structure of Social Action, in The Social System and in later works, which aims to construct a unified map of all action systems, and ultimately "living systems." Indeed, the actual AGIL system only appeared in its first elaborate form in 1956, and Parsons extended the system in various layers of complexity during the rest of his intellectual life. Towards the end of his life, he added a new dimension to the action system, which he called the paradigm of the human condition; within that paradigm, the action system occupied the integral dimension.

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AGIL Paradigm - Criticism of The AGIL Scheme
... While the four functions of AGIL scheme are intuitive and many social systems can be described according to the paradigm of Parsons' structural functionalism ... Defenders of AGIL scheme respond that there have indeed been situations, where social systems, such as industries have failed to operate because they have neglected one or more of the four functions ... Hence, AGIL scheme can be used to be tested against political or economical operations to see if they meet the criteria ...
Talcott Parsons - Work - AGIL Paradigm
... The heuristic scheme Parsons used to analyze systems and subsystems is called the "AGIL Paradigm", "AGIL scheme" ... These concepts can be abbreviated as AGIL ... It is important to understand that Parsons AGIL model is an analytical scheme for the sake of theoretical "production," it is not any simple "copy" or any direct historical "summary" of ...
AGIL Paradigm - The Functional Prerequisites of Action Systems (including The Social System)
... Parsons' theory is a part of the paradigm of action theory ... AGIL represents the functional scheme for the whole general action system (including the human condition paradigm), so that AGIL also defines the cultural system, the personality system etc ... For example the order of the cultural system vis-a-vis the AGIL functional scheme is Society, in this paradigm, is defined as prototypical category of the social system, that meets the essential ...
Talcott Parsons - Biography - Retired From Harvard, 1973
... Late in life Parsons began to work out a new level of the AGIL model, which he called "A Paradigm of the Human Condition." This new level of the AGIL model crystallized in the summer of 1974 and ... The new meta-paradigm featured the environment of the general action system, which include the physical system, the biological system and what Parsons called ... and on the logic of the cybernetic pattern of control facilitating the AGIL model, where he among many things worked out a bulk of notes, he called "Thoughts on the ...

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